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Apparently, it needs to be stated here, so here we go. While I am a member of Cumberland Players, the South Jersey Shakespeare Company/Holly City Repertory Company, the Transducer Players, have been a founding member of Seven Hours Old and the Greasepaint Underground, and have been a member of the Off Broad Street Players, none of the opinions I state on this journal, including reviews of performances, represent the opinions of any of those organizations.

However, if I write a director's letter published in the program of one of these organizations' programs that is openly hostile to the other organizations, it may be endorsed by the organization putting on the show. If it is not, a disclaimer will be included by said organization in said program.


Also, though I have in the past been an employee of Four Star Video, was a partner in Big Al Karaoke, and currently work for DeMarco Cinemas and FYE (Trans World Entertainment), if I post my opinion about music, movies, the state of the entertainment industry as a whole or similar opinions, I also do not represent any of those businesses. It's only me.




Clear Channel Sucks. I still can't get over that people actually find "Forrest Gump" to be a good movie. Whoever is actually singing Ashlee Simpson's songs is so much better than whoever is singing Jessica Simpson's (if I'm going to HAVE to listen to them at work). I don't love Raymond, therefore EVERYBODY does NOT love him. "You Can't Take It With You" at Cumberland Players didn't make me laugh at all. I didn't think that having "professional" actors in Brett's second production of "Twelfth Night" at the HCRT particularly improved the production (though I LOVED Wendy as Malvolio (not that I didn't enjoy Richard in our version)). Walter's last version of "Fiddler" felt a little forced in places at Off Broad Street Players. It would have been interesting to try a show at the Harwan with an entire cast of Transducers who were all sober, but I'm not sure whether it would actually improve the show.

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