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Disney Trip day 7

I know...we've been home for a week and I haven't finished the story...
I got up in the middle of the night with a coughing jag at about 4:30 am and found that, yes, they had slipped the check-out paper under the door (for quick check-out).

When we got up at the real time we were planning, Paul and I went over the charges and agreed that there was no need to go to the front desk. We both showered and packed up the last of the toiletries. We hauled the rest of our gear downstairs to the bell station and left them with the bellhop to hold until our time to leave.

We went into the park for our last time (Epcot) and I wanted to ride "Journey Into Imagination" one more time before we left. I think that this may not be as good as the original version of this ride (which I never actually got to see), but it's certainly better than the one from 2000 (which was too sterile).

We then headed over to the Land pavillion to ride the boat ride. It was nice to get to see the stuff in the greenhouse in the daylight as well. This time, I noticed that there were NINE POUND lemons! Yikes!

We walked through Refreshment Station Cool for one more drink of Lychee Mello. Oh how I wish they sold six-packs or something!

After our drink, I got on my fifth and final ride of "Mission:Space" for the trip. This time, Paul finally got on with me. He got dizzy from it, but agreed that he could see why *I* loved it so much.

We still had a little time to kill before our lunch PS, so we walked slowly through MouseGears and headed to Canada. When we arrived at the Canadian pavillion, we shopped (didn't buy anything) and talked to the girls there (we told them that they should talk to their superiors and tell them that they need a Tim Horton's Donuts there...the girls agreed with us and said that would be marvelous). We went into the "Oh, Canada" movie next. It was FREEZING in there. The A.C. was really cranked up.

The movie is interesting, 'cause it was filmed in the round. I could see how some would get the feeling that they were moving (since you have full panoramic views all the way around).

We checked into the restaurant about twenty minutes earlier and were quickly seated. We both ordered the Canadian cheddar cheese soup (with bacon and scallions). Paul ordered the NY Strip and I got the filet mignon (again...this was a great trip for this carnivore). We were SO full between our meals and the bread service (three kinds of bread: multi-grain, pretzel, and sourdough). We left the park at that point and headed to the hotel.

At the boardwalk, we stepped out to the shuttle pick-up area and Paul gave the bellhop there the tag for our bags. We waited for about fifteen minutes for our shuttle. We were thankfully the last people on the shuttle 'cause there was barely any room left in the back for our luggage.

We rode about forty five minutes to the airport, chatting with the two families in the shuttle with us. When we got to the curb-side check-in, we quickly got our luggage checked in and now had the walk to our gate (the boarding passes said gate 105...the big television screens listed our gate as 110).

We took the monorail to where the gates would be after stopping to buy a couple of magazines (we discovered that our departure, which was originally going to be 4:50 was now listed as 5:40 and would be even later because it was "delayed" (and that was all that the screens said)).

When we got to the gate (which felt like they stuck as far away as possible), Paul sat down at the one listed on the screens and I headed over to the other one...the person working there didn't understand why our boarding passes would be mis-labeled, but they apparently found others with the problem 'cause they had to make announcements every so often to tell the others on our flight to come to the other gate.

They started making announcements telling us that because of snow in Philadelphia, the airport was shut down for a while with planes grounded and other planes backing up and kept circling in the meanwhile. They kept pushing back our departure time.

Finally, at around 6pm, they announced that they'd gotten word from Philadelphia that we could start boarding at 6:30pm and be flying away at 7pm. Once we were all seated (and this flight was packed to the gills), they announced that there was a new delay and we were going to have to stay in our seats with seatbelts on, while waiting on the runway until we were given a new go ahead. About a half hour later, we finally took off.
After about an hour and a half in the air, we arrived in Philadelphia...and then circled above the airport (along with at least five to six other planes just out of my window) for about an hour or so...the whole time we were circling, we had to have our seatbelts on, 'cause we had to be ready to land at any moment. Of course, I had to pee like a racehorse.

We FINALLY landed and when I bolted to the bathroom, it felt like my penis had turned into a firehose. I think I peed for about ten minutes straight. At least it felt like it.
Kris was waiting for us down at the baggage retreival area (which was again as FAR AWAY from the gate as possible...the Baggage Claim Battan Death March it felt like).
We didn't make it to Vineland again until 11:30 at night. We first stopped at Kris and Becky's house to drop off the presents we'd gotten for them. We made it home at about 1am.

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