Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Disney Trip - Day 6

Before we headed out to Downtown Disney that morning, I went back over the list of things that we'd purchased and figured out who we still needed to get stuff for (writing it down throughout the week as we made purchases really made it easier).

We quickly got on the bus (our luck prevailing once again as we walked out to the bus stop). When we arrived at the Marketplace, we did some pre-shopping at the Home store (the kitchen store) and the pin store. We then went into the World of Disney store since we could get a 10% AAA discount there. We picked up most of what we still needed, though I ended up doubling back for a couple things that I just couldn't find in that big store.

By this point, shopping done, we headed over to the Planet Hollywood for lunch (we had a coupon that gave us $25.00 off, so we decided that we might as well). We ordered three to split between us (the Captain Crunch chicken strips, which are always good) and he got potato skins (he said they were bland) and I got pot stickers (not the best ones I've had). I took some pictures with the disposable camera to hopefully use up the shots (It ended up that I have about nine left...I'll use them at the upcoming X-Mas party at Candie and Martin's).
We got back to the hotel and started the packing process. Paul had already begun the packing the day before, focusing on packing all the dirty clothes first (so we could surround all the gifts with clean clothes to keep them padded). It helps that one of the sets of souvenirs were a pair of robes (the Hollywood Tower Hotel (Tower of Terror)) for me and one for Becky.

I sorted through the many bags of souvenirs/gifts and Paul continued to pack. Boy, between the two of us, Tetris really helped our packing skills over the years.

At around four o'clock we headed back into Epcot to try to catch the 5 0'clock showing of the Candlelight Processional (that day being narrated by Jim "Jesus" Cavaziel). No luck. The line for the people who had bought the dinner package to go with it (they get first priority and were guaranteed seats) was already pretty long and the "stand by" line went from the entrance at the American pavillion and looked to go past Italy and into Germany from what I could see...I gather these people were all willing to stay in line all the way until the last performance that night.

We couldn't since we had reservations for dinner, so instead, since we hadn't gone in yet, went into the American Adventure and arrived just in time for the show to be starting (so didn't have to sit through the choir singing). I'm usually quite moved by the whole show...this time, I just felt dead inside. I was also a little let down that they didn't update the movie montage at the end with the important Americans who have died. I was hoping they would have added Fred Rogers' image (perhaps they couldn't get the rights, I don't know).

We still had a bit of time to kill before heading out to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for our PS, so I suggested we sit through a set by the British Invasion (we have a question for those of you in the they currently ever sing any covers of any OTHER bands besides the Beatles? That was kind of a let down this trip. Didn't they used to sing Rolling Stones and Herman's Hermits stuff (among other British band stuff?)). While waiting for the band to start their set, we happened to be back in the UK at the park right when Father Christmas (their holiday storyteller) was coming out...that means the only storyteller we missed was Norway (and the storytellers at the American pavillion).

When the British Invasion started singing Let It Be, we quickly got up and hightailed it out of there...we don't even want to hear the ACTUAL Beatles doing that song anymore for the rest of our lives! We walked over to Canada so I could photograph the Holidays Around the World plaque (since I didn't have the camera with me that first day) and managed to catch an Off Kilter set just in time (I've written down the SKU to their newest album and will try to order it at work...if we can't get it through our computer, we'll try special ordering through the warehouse we deal with after X-Mas).

We then headed to the boat and took it to MGM Studios since that would likely be the most direct route to the Animal Kingdom Lodge (via the bus stop). When we arrived at the Lodge, I took a picture of the huge tree in the main lobby (it's absolutely beautiful there and I would visit again to eat at either Jiko or Boma, but I don't see myself ever choosing to stay there, since it's way out in East Gippip...and would require bus service to EVERYWHERE!). We then checked the directory and found where Boma was (downstairs from the lobby). It was pretty noisy down there with the open kitchen serving the buffet and all the people.

There was plenty of good food here. I realize that it may not be for everyone's taste. However, if there are unfamiliar things on the buffet you simply have to ask and the servers will be more than happy to tell you what "Fufu," for example, is (mashed sweet potatoes with curry and cinnamon...actually pretty good). I enjoyed the couscous, the peanut rice, the fufu, the "crackers" (the flat breads were extremely flat and thin, there were little round ones that were sort of like Matzo flavored, but shaped like little bubbles), the sauces (I really liked the pecan/roasted red pepper sauce and the Boma mustard), the prime rib, the chicken fingers on the kiddie table, the fresh fruit, the carrot/coconut/pineapple salad (yum!), the deserts (the zebra domes were good and I can see why people enjoy them, but not my favorite...I LOVED the passion fruit custard pies (little teeny ones)).

After dinner, we headed back out to Downtown Disney and into the Adventurer's Club. I love this place. We got to see Dottie as Pamelia (yes, she's hysterical and I can see why she's a favorite of the Yahoo Group members), though I very much loved LaRue in the role the other two nights as well, and we had Yvette as Samantha (I think, going by the photos at Adventurer's They don't yet have photos of Sugar Snap as the maid. Blondie was Graves and he's absolutely hysterical and I'm SO glad I got the chance to see him. Wow! My new favorite Graves! Cheeks was playing Emil...he's really funny, too, but I still prefer Simple in the role. Green was playing the role of Otis and was amazing...l've only seen him before as Hathaway. Kazoo played Hathaway as he had pretty much our whole time there, and Simple was Hodges. Simple again sang "Reuben the Reformed Rabbi" at the Hoopla.
We headed home and straight to bed after the Hoopla...

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