Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Day two Part two/day three part one

Okay, so last night...

We headed into MGM via boat and arrived to find a mad house there, but this was the night that I'd planned for Fantasmic, so after quickly shopping in the Villains store, we headed back for the show (with about a forty five minute wait before the show...we still got great seats. Centered perfectly (between the Pocahontas and Maleficent flags)).

Of course, we didn't want to have the extra weight of the camera with us and I regret it 'cause now I'm gonna have to go back again and find the time to photograph the Osbourne Family lights this year (trust me, as soon as I get home...all the photos will be put up!).

Now, I'd planned bad last night, 'cause I never figured on when/where we'd eat dinner, figuring we'd just nosh somewhere when we'd gotten hungry, but neither of us really starting getting hungry until this time. I'd asked him before we left to look at the menus online at Deb Wills' page and decide on a place at Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island/Marketplace. He'd chosen the Earl of Sandwich, but said that the only thing he could really get there was the roast beef sandwich (the other things would include various things on them that are now dietary restrictions (or allergic restrictions)). Of course, when we get there, a young woman (a cast member) stopped us and told us that if we were planning on ordering a roast beef that they were out.

Of course, before we could get there to hear this news, we had to get to Downtown Disney. There are no buses from MGM Studios to the Downtown Disney area. We were told to take the boat back to our hotel (and with the size of the line, we'd be waiting for the fourth or fifth boat to arrive) and then take a bus from there. We decided that it might be faster to take a bus to a different resort and just stay on (instead of say, the Ticket and Transportation Center, since that would be East Gibbip from where we were already). The bus ride was QUITE long.


We finally ate last night at the Missing Link, which I almost feel is my little secret, 'cause Deb Wills doesn't have it listed on her page and hasn't for years. It's a little sandwich shop right next to the Adventurer's Club. I'm going to have to photograph the menu and send her a copy of it (it's easier for me to photograph it and then copy it later). We grabbed some cheesesteaks, which were good but not authentic (but as close as you are probably going to get on property/that far away from the greater Philadelphia area).

We then headed into the Adventurer's Club. It's where I'm the happiest in the world. At first, I was a big distressed because Pamelia was no where to be seen. But, she finally showed up. All was well in the world. They have started performing their X-Mas/Holiday show as the radio show instead of the regular radio show. Great singers and laughs for all!


This morning, I let Paul sleep in and I headed out to the Animal Kingdom alone. I was there and back faster than you can imagine. I barely bothered to do anything there. It's not my favorite park. I like the safari (my first destination), the Pangani Trail (love those gorillas) and the Maharajah Trek (ditto the tigers) and then took a walk around the park to see the construction site of the new attraction, which won't be done until some time in 2006 (hopefully in time for when we return with Kris, Becky and Maia): Expedition Everest. This should be a HUGE attraction (literally and figuratively).


When I returned to the hotel, I met Paul out on the boardwalk and we had breakfast at Spoodles. I had the All-American Breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and a 6-oz steak), he had a cheese panini (an open-faced omelet).

We headed into Epcot. I headed to the Living Seas and Paul went into Innoventions. I started to feel a little claustrophobic and overwhelmed by the crowd in there and I headed over to the Land pavillion to use the facilities and to ride the boat ride and was astounded by the HUGE crowd in there. I decided to simply use the facilities and high-tail it out of there.

Paul and I, instead, headed into MouseGear to do some pre-shopping for souvenirs/gifts.

As we exited, we caught the end of Kristos, an acrobatic/gymnastic troupe that performs in Future World. They are supposed to be aliens, so they dress in spandex costumes that look like underwater versions of Spider-Man's outfit. The one guy had a quite prominent bulge and I wondered at that being so obviously on display and no one batting an eye. Most of the formations they created looked like the Blue Man group having a three-way as they knotted themselves all over each other.


We headed into Future World and still did not manage to catch the storyteller in Norway (he wasn't starting until 3pm). However, we did get to see the Monkey King in China, La Befama in Italy, and Pere Noel in France. While taking that journey through Epcot, I also got my picture with Pinocchio and Gepetto, bought some chocolates in Italy, found a book for Maia in Norway, found a book for myself (and possibly ALSO for Bette) in France, and bought Paul's mother, Linda, her birthday present and had it shipped to her house. Finally, we saw the World Showcase Players in the UK performing "A Christmas Carol" and returned to the hotel for me to write to you.

It's a good thing that I decided to call ahead and arrange a priority seating for Boma at the Animal Kingdom tonight. They were all booked up. I would have hated to arrive there and not have been able to eat. So, instead, we've rearranged some of our plans and we'll be going there on the 6th instead. Because of that, we'll be going downstairs in a little while and hopefully will be able to get a table at Spoodles. If not we have so many other restaurants in Epcot to choose from (the only problem would be picking something that won't exashorbate Paul's diverticulitus anymore).

I'll talk to you later!

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