Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

day one - part two

After taking that rest, I was going to head out to see Off Kilter, but saw that I would have more opportunity to do so on Friday and other days we would be in Epcot, so instead, before leaving the room, asked Paul if he would mind if I did Mission:Space without him. He said yes.

It was probably for the best, since I don't know if he will be able to take it...the G-forces are pretty strong and some of the effects rely on 3-D images through the portal that you are viewing (Paul can not see 3-D images). Even I was a little wobbly on my feet afterwards.

I then went into the land pavillion and rode "Living With the Land". Caveat Emptor. If you have not ridden this ride before, you may be a little lost...the pre-recorded woman narrator during the animatronic portion is in need of a rehab. I could barely hear her (yes, I'm half-deaf, but have had no trouble hearing the narration on previous trips). It also did not help that our guide had a very thick "Engrish" accent (so he might as well not have even been speaking as far as I was concerned).

They have changed the plants and experiments inside the greenhouse, though.

Then, we met up at the Restaurant Marrakesh for our dinner. We had a priority seating for 7:30pm, but sat us when we checked in at 7:20pm.

We ordered an appetizer sampler for two: Beef brewat rolls, chicken bastilla, and a cucumber mixed green salad. There was a great baked bread served with appetizers. Paul ordered the roast lamb mashoui and I had the Night in Casablanca. We both agreed that the lamb wasn't as good as on previous trips. Also, I thought that the seafood bastilla was just a little too "fishy" tasting for me (I love the chicken one, though). However, my chicken shish-kabob was AMAZING. We topped it off with Crepes Atlas (which did have a drizzle of honey on it, but not enough to make it taste bad to me).

After dinner, we quickly found a park bench along the lagoon with a great view of the whole World Showcase and sat for nearly an hour waiting for the show. "Illuminations" is great, but still not as good as the first version we saw in 1998 (I don't like the current version with the big globe television, though I understand that the thing probably cost them a LOT of money and that they aren't quite ready to retire it just yet.


Once we made our way out of the park, we headed straight back to the hotel and I picked up a couple bottles of Power-Ade for each of us to keep us hydrated throughout the day (whether we take them with us or whether we just drink them when we take our mid-day breaks at the hotel has yet to be determined). I promise to take the camera out with us today, since it's the Magic Kingdom and one of the only times I've planned to be there in daylight. I want to be sure to get all the decorations throughout the park for Becky. Tomorrow, when we're back in Epcot, I've got a lot of picture catching up to do for her (I DO want to go back and get a photo of Japan's storyteller, 'cause she was the best of the bunch).

Have a happy day and I'll tell you about today at Magic Kingdom when we take our hotel break.

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