Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

WDW Trip Report - Day One - Part One

Okay, been up and on the go for about twelve hours up at 4am to finalize prep for the trip (cleaning out the car, etc.). Kris and Jarvis picked us up at 5am and we headed out on our way (Paul drove his car up, but the boys were going to be driving it back to save us on the parking fees). Luckily, we'd already done online check-in with the airline, so we had our boarding passes in our hands when we arrived, 'cause they started boarding the plane almost as soon as we arrived at the gate.

The plane ride was smooth, though they didn't serve anything exciting (a few "Biscoff"s and a soda).

We quickly got our baggage and got on the Mears Shuttle ride to the hotel.
After checking into the hotel (and dumping our bags in our rooms), we quickly headed into the parks...sorry guys, I was halfway to the park before I realized I wasn't carrying a camera. No pics today. It's not like I haven't been here before or that I'm not coming back. And Hell, this is only the first day. Before we actually entered the parks, Paul had to take a pill and needed to eat something with it, so we stopped at the Boardwalk Bakery. He had a cinnamon roll (huge!) and I had one of the flakiest cherry turnovers I've ever had.

First, we headed to Spaceship Earth (the big golf ball). After riding in that (the ride stopped accomodate people in wheelchairs, so I wouldn't complain about it), we headed into one of my favorite of the little attractions..."Refreshment Station Cool" (the little igloo). There is a new soda there (at least since the last time we were there) called "Lichee Mello" (I think it was from Korea, but I'll be updating...possibly Japan). Anyway, that was very good (not like "Beverly"

Then, we headed into "Journey Into Imagination with Figment" (which is much better than the last incarnation of the ride...more fun, not as sterile).

From there, we rode "Test Track"...Paul's diverticulitis has been acting up the last couple of days, so the bumpiness of the ride hurt him a little bit (we've decided to save "Mission: Space" for another day).

Heading into World Showcase, we first rode "El Rio Del Tiempo", which caused more pain for Paul when while at a sudden stop at the end waiting for our boat to disembark, the boat behind us bumped roughly into our boat.

We saw the first of five holiday storytellers here in Mexico. Alice and Brenda told of the traditions of Las Posadas.

In China, we stopped to eat at the Lotus Blossom Cafe 'cause I really needed a nosh by this point. I had a beef fried rice and he had the West Lake beef and corn soup...different and good.

Continuing around the lagoon, we saw holiday storytellers in Germany (Daniel told us of the first Christmas Tree...invented by Martin Luther), Japan (my favorite for the day...the Daruma seller. A Daruma doll is bought for New Year's. You make a wish and paint in one of the eyes. If your wish comes true during that year, you've earned the privilege of finishing the doll by painting in the other eye.), Morocco (a drummer who told us of Ramadan) and Canada (Papa Noel told us of Christmas in Canada). We also stopped into the tin toy exhibit in Japan.

We've bought some candy in both Japan and England (Jelly babies), and some gifts for people at home (including a couple of my co-workers at FYE).

Right now, we are resting in the hotel and our refridgerator has just arrived. I'm going to be heading out shortly to catch a set by Off Kilter in Canada and meeting Paul in Morocco for dinner (after possibly taking in the Land pavillion boat ride...and maybe a re-do of the Imagination pavillion ride, depending on time constraints).

After dinner at the Marrakesh, we're going to be catching Illuminations and probably going straight to bed, considering we were up at 4am and will be getting up at 6am tomorrow for Early Entry into the Magic Kingdom).

type to you all later!

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