Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Yesterday and today...

Well, I'm already two and a half discs through the first Seinfeld boxset, I played that wedding scenario on my Sims2, and Paul and I went out yesterday and picked up the documentation we need for our trip...

...while we were out, we stopped off at Acme and picked up the ingredients for his cookies. We went over to Kris and Becky's while she was also baking and we all baked together (I mostly just helped put batter on baking sheets and carry them to the oven).

The broken cookies tasted great and we have one batch for everyone to eat today at Kris and Becky's two dinners (one for her family and one for our friends). I also have a batch to bring into work tomorrow as part of our pot luck for Black Friday (we know we won't get a chance to leave the store tomorrow otherwise...and if we do, by the time we climb through all the people and make our way to say, Luca's Pizza, the line there will be so long that we won't even be served before our half-hour is over).

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