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Wedding in Sims 2!

Okay...I'm not going to bore you all with the stuff from my game (unless you want to see the pictures I took in the game).

Kristen "Single" Loste was a character created by Maxis/EA Games as is Chloe "Single" Curious-Smith. The Cruz siblings (Jaime, Fernando, Wednesday and Morpheus) were all characters from my original game (though they were children in that game...they have now moved to "Strangetown", which is the Sims equivalent of Roswell, NM).

Here come the guests!

Chloe (Kristen's former roommate) and Wednesday (Fernando's little sister) take their seats

Time to start the ceremony (I have that as an .avi movie)

Morpheus and Jaime (Fernando's younger and older brothers respectively) cheer on the happy couple

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Cruz

Time for those posed wedding photos!

More of the posed wedding photos!

Cutting the cake!

Look at the size of that piece!

Enjoying their time together.

a little conversation with Jaime and Wednesday...

Off to their honeymoon!


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Nov. 24th, 2004 03:26 pm (UTC)
Nice wedding!

I like the guy with the pink mowhawk kind of hair. He looks spiffy.

I have to post some of my Sims 2 pictures one of these days. First, I have to figure out where the game stores them! That'd probably help.

Nov. 24th, 2004 08:43 pm (UTC)
Wherever you have your "my documents"...you will find alongside your "my pictures", "my music" etc folders, a folder labeled "EA Games".

Under "EA Games", you'll find "The Sims 2"

Under that, you'll find LOTS of folders. One of them is "Storytelling". There are ALL the pictures you taken. If you've taken movies, they are saved to: "Movies" (in fact, under movies, you'll find "Broadcast" and sub folders there. Each sub-folder represents a different television station. If you have any avi files (including these same movie files) and place them in these directories, those movies will appear on the television in the game).

Under "Music", you can place your favorite .mp3 music (if you desire) under each of the various subfolders and the music will either play in the various modes (neighborhood, build, buy, etc.) or on the different stations on the radio(s).

Under "downloads" you will place any skins you download from various websites (they will be xxxsomethingxxx.package files), your houses SHOULD install themselves, simply by clicking on a xxxwhateverxxx.Sims2Pack file. You can only install a single house at a time (you will then have to open your game, go into a neighborhood and may have to open the house/lot bin). Close the game again and install another one.

I took the idea from the game that time had passed (as it did in Pleasantview, the first of the three neighborhoods...check out Cassandra Goth) and moved in the children that I'd had in my Sims 1. I've pretty much exclusively played "Strangetown"...there are some great characters here (I primarily play MY characters PLUS the Curious Brothers and the Singles (with sometimes playing the Smiths since their son Johnny is married to Morpheus (the guy with the mohawk)). I rarely play the Beakers, the Grunts, the Bachelor guy (Ajay Loner), Nervous Subject (I've renamed him Norville) or Ophelia (Olive is now dead and left her house to Nervous).
Nov. 25th, 2004 08:55 am (UTC)
Bryan, that rocked. Jenn and I wanna get Sims 2, but even if you combine the power of both piddledy shit computers here... I think we still have something the equivilant of a Commadore 64.

Is it good?

What's Bryan's review?
Nov. 25th, 2004 09:37 am (UTC)
I LOVE it. I was highly addicted to the first game. I played for three years straight through most of the expansions (around the time Superstar came out, my game started crashing more frequently, simply because I'm a download whore and couldn't stop downloading stuff...I continually tried to pare down what I had in my game, but pretty much my downloads were too big for the game to open anymore).

Now, this version comes with a few more options for building (this is the hardest part of the game for me this time, since you have to lay in foundation, the stairs are also a little more tricky this time...I've mostly just downloaded houses from the official site built by other players).

It also includes more realistic life-cycles. The characters age. It used to be that the characters were either adults permanently or they were babies for three game days and then children permanently. Now, when your characters have a baby, they advance to become toddlers (who require potty training, etc.), then children, then teenagers, then adults, then elders. (the first expansion set, coming in the early part of the new year "University" will be adding a new life phase..."young adult" to be placed between teenager and adult.). The characters will also remember their family tree.

Example: if John and Jane Doe have a son and Joe and Jessica Schmoe have a daughter and those children eventually have a child, that child will know that the Does and the Schmoes are his/her grandparents.

The only thing I don't like about the aging is that it's quite rapid. I've thankfully found the latest version of SimEnhancer (a cheat program, but a very necessary cheat program...I had a version of it for the original game) that allows you to hack their age and slow down the process (for instance, a character will only be an adult for 28 game days before becoming a senior. I've stretched that to 365 for the time being, so I could conceivably have time to enjoy their lives and they don't get too old to have children (or age too fast when they do have children)). I use that cheat, 'cause I want to enjoy the characters I create. I want to be able to tell the stories I really want to. I will be keeping most of the characters aging, but all roughly at this slower pace.

Also, skins work differently than they used to. You can now choose to mix and match so much more stuff for your sim. You can, without having to change a whole head, change their hair style/color, change a woman's make-up, when creating them decide on a specific eye color. Clothes are for use for all skin tones automatically (they used to have to be downloaded for each different skin tone separately). I've found a few different sites for different clothing, but also for eye color, skin tone, etc.

Along with this are other new additions to the game: you have wants and needs to fulfill beyond the basic human needs (they have "aspirations" depending on their mind-set. Perhaps, they want to earn a skill point, meet a new friend or even just eat a particular meal...each earning them "aspiration" points good toward the purchase of special reward objects). Also, the NPCs like the maid, gardener, etc. are now capable of being interacted with. In fact, one of the households that I play...a trio of girls whose fourth girl roommate moved out, asked the maid to move in and share the rent with them and she did!

With this version, you start out with three pre-made neighborhoods, but you can also create your own (and add to any of these three if you prefer).

the first is basically the original game neighborhood with some characters from the original game (though now advanced in years...). Mortimer and Cassandra Goth are here, but Bella is missing. There is a woman who is the daughter of Bob and Betty Newbie. I haven't really played that neighborhood.

The third (I'll get back to the second, since it's the one I really play) is based on Shakespeare's stories and including a family based on the fairies in Midsummer and a pair of families based on Romeo and Juliet (at some point, I do want to add the Othellos, the Much Ado family, the Twelfth Night family and the Tempest family, though I don't actually play that neighborhood).

Nov. 25th, 2004 09:37 am (UTC)
The second is my favorite: Strangetown. Basically, it's Roswell, NM. The landscape is desert and there is a crashed space-ship on the horizon. One family, the Smiths, is headed by a retired "Pollination Tech #9". Pollination Tech's son, Johnny is visibly an alien, but his daughter Jill has the human flesh tone of her mother Jenny.

Jenny has three brothers, the "Curious" family. They are basically the "Lone Gunmen" from the "X-Files". They have a bunch of telescopes on their property and are interested in alien abductions. Pascal has already been abducted and is pregnant when the game starts (he had a son I named Elliott). Only the men get pregnant by the aliens if abducted. Pascal's brother, Vidcund, also had been abducted and gave birth to a little girl I named Ripley.

There is a foursome of roommies (I mentioned above). Kristen (the girl who got married), Erin Beaker (I'll tell you about her brother and sister-in-law in a minute), and a pair of sisters Chloe and Lola. Chloe and Lola are both half-alien. Their father(s) are the Curious father (they are half-siblings to Jenny and her brothers) and POLLINATION TECH #9 (they are also half-siblings to Johnny and Jill).

The Beakers, Loki and Circe, have a captive that they have been doing experiments on. Nervous (I've renamed him Norville via the cheat program) Subject has been driven near the brink of insanity.

Nervous's mother, Ophelia, lives with her niece, Olive, at her haunted estate. When the game starts, Ophelia is nearing her death time (she's an elder). I had her retire from her job and move out (leaving the house to Olive). She moved into a small house, invited her son over, asked him to move in. Then, I allowed her to die (natural causes). He inherited the house and some money and is now away from the Beakers.

There is one other family, the Grunts. The father is in the military and his eldest son is following in his footsteps and there are two more sons there. I barely have played those characters, 'cause I find them boring, and will probably let them age normally just to get them out of the game.

There was one other character. Ajay Loner (who I gave the new last name Mitchell). Ajay and Nervous have actually been showing signs that they would be a good couple (since they currently have crushes on each other in the game).
I've created ten characters to add to the game:

Jaime, Fernando, Wednesday and Morpheus Cruz all came from my original game (they were characters I created before), as did Kayla and Kal-El Myers (again, a pair of siblings I created).

You saw Fernando's wedding. Morpheus (the one with the mohawk) is now married to Johnny and they just had a pair of twins (they look human) named Raistlin and Neely.

I've yet to see anything romantic happening to any of the other pairs of siblings.

I've also created my own alien family (this time with a purple skin tone that I found on the web). The Jones family is a typical nuclear family: father, mother, son, daughter (the two kids are teens). I do want the teen daughter to interact with the military teen boy and the teen son to interact with Olive, probably. I'm hoping the parents have a baby soon, so I can have one of the purple babies eventually interact and intermingle with one of the green kids that the Curious brothers have.

I'll probably be posting more pictures of my characters from this game in the future.
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