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Wedding in Sims 2!

Okay...I'm not going to bore you all with the stuff from my game (unless you want to see the pictures I took in the game).

Kristen "Single" Loste was a character created by Maxis/EA Games as is Chloe "Single" Curious-Smith. The Cruz siblings (Jaime, Fernando, Wednesday and Morpheus) were all characters from my original game (though they were children in that game...they have now moved to "Strangetown", which is the Sims equivalent of Roswell, NM).

Here come the guests!

Chloe (Kristen's former roommate) and Wednesday (Fernando's little sister) take their seats

Time to start the ceremony (I have that as an .avi movie)

Morpheus and Jaime (Fernando's younger and older brothers respectively) cheer on the happy couple

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Cruz

Time for those posed wedding photos!

More of the posed wedding photos!

Cutting the cake!

Look at the size of that piece!

Enjoying their time together.

a little conversation with Jaime and Wednesday...

Off to their honeymoon!

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