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first read-through for Hamlet...

Yesterday, we had our first read-through for "Hamlet". Now mind you, I've read the play before and I knew, of course, that I had the big speech ("to thine own self be true") to Leartes. However, I hadn't realized just how big a part this was. THANK GOD we have three months for me to learn this one. I had two feelings going on in my head.

1) Wow, I have a lot of lines.
2) Holy Shit, I have a lot of lines.

I won't give away any of Brett's ideas for staging of the show. However, without giving anything away...I'm very excited about this show from what he told us. This is going to be very cool. We are also going to be incorporating music into the show (but not the music from the "Gilligan's Island" episode). Also, the ghost scenes, the way he described them, should be really spooky and creepy, as they should be.
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