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Third Friday tonight...

There were some great things seen at the Third Friday this month, including the show at the Clay College (I'll get the name of the artist's on a postcard in my jacket which is downstairs)...Larry's show at High Street Design is wonderful. I loved the way the paintings of dancers and figure skaters were filled with so many colors that created the illusion of movement.

I wasn't sure if I liked the show at the Thunderson Forge as much, simply because it may have been too modern art for me, though the pieces were nice to look at and certainly showed skill/composition, etc.

I picked up a Doctor Who novel at the Wind Chimes (Eight Doctors by Terrance Dicks, which involves all eight doctors and various companions they've all had, including Sarah Jane and Tegan (who are both my favorites)).

Rita's was kind of quiet, Don was his usual jovial self (I flirted agressively with him, but even if he was kidding, he DID cup my crotch as a result).

Afterwards, dinered (at the far less crowded Golden Palace) with Terri Garvey (yay!), Becky, Marni and Bob.

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