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Work, Work, Work...

I've had an exhausting few days...X-Mas Season is steadily picking up pace. We had three CDs jump street date (since Wal-Mart jumped the date on them, we got permission from corporate to do so as well): the new Eminem, the new Destiny's Child and the new Lil Jon (the latter two not doing nearly as well as the former).

Business at the record store is booming and meanwhile, tonight after switching shifts with Paul at the movie theatre (I opened instead of closed), I headed to the mall and worked after hours at the record store on various inventory stuff (getting back boards ready, alphabetized action DVD section, worked on a recall...). ALL without having to deal with any FUCKING customers! Whoo-hoo! That's really the only way to do it.

I love coming in there out of uniform, playing my own music (I brought a X-Mas mix CD and we also listened to the RHPS Audience Partic--ip---A---Tion Album).
Last night, I got to hang with my old RHPS cast members at Pat Quinn's house. We rolled Pat down to the living room and all played Apples to Apples. In attendance: Jim, Shawn, Candie, Martin, Matt, Kim, Dawn and Chris (Pat's man servant, not savidge). Matt brought a pillow to sit on, having apparently recently had surgery on his BUTT. (resulting from a trip to the dentist of all things...he had a tooth pulled which caused a blood clot to form...which traveled to his butt).

Meanwhile, thank you charisma for the big laugh this morning (re: your post about the slam!)

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