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Just got home from work a litlte while ago...

I'm so bushed. I just got out of a LONG hot shower and am finally reading my friends' page.

I was at work from 9am this morning (after closing last night). And I'm going in tomorrow from 8am til probably 4pm (but maybe later).

Chris...I'm sorry, but if my knee is acting up like it is tonight I'll probably not make it to the party tomorrow (I'm gonna just wanna curl up in a ball on the bed tomorrow!). At least I'm gonna have lots of hours to make money before we go away to Disney in December.


Thankfully, there was no Heather to contend with today and I only may have two hours of her to deal with tomorrow. And I'll be able to buy some DVDs tomorrow. They are giving us an extra 10% off tomorrow. I'll be getting myself the first season of I Love Lucy and there's a BIG Hitchcock boxset with 9 movies in it. I'm bringing back a foursome of DVDs, too. Stuff that's been double-dipped or is soon to be (Gone with the Wind, Mulan, All About Eve and Strangers On a Train...which is in that boxset). I'll be getting them for about 50% off when I factor in that merchandise credit. SWEET!

Anyway, let me go listen to some tunes and turn in very to ya'll very soon!
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