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Tuesday and Wednesday...

Had what felt like a LOOOONGGG day yesterday at work...though we were very busy due to sales of the new Playstation 2 (a smaller model...which strangely enough, I can find for sale at, but not on and Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas (with quite a few of the latter being sold to parents of children who couldn't have been older than ten, even though they were warned of the rating!).

Afterwards, I surfed a little online, then Paul and I went to Kris and Becky's for dinner/board game night. We ate Fettucini Alfredo, I got to read Maia her bedtime story (Donald Duck and the Witch Next Door) from the Disney Scary Storybook (since it's Hallowe'en time)...don't worry...the stories aren't really all that scary, and then we played some "Password". All in all a good night.

Today, we watched "Home on the Range" while folding some laundry, met with lawyers regarding Paul's trust, went to BJ's at Hamilton Mall for a change, since the different stores carry different stuff (got some necessities like toilet paper and Lysol spray and some splurges like Pepperidge Farm cookies), ate at the Old Country Buffet. When we got home, I watched this week's eps of Real World and Real World/Road Rules Challenge. We also watched tonight's ep of South Park (not a classic, but it had a few moments) and I'm now watching "Mulan" (though I've not yet gotten the new edition, I'll be doing so, since this is one of my top favorites of Disney's certainly my favorite since Little Mermaid came out (including Little Mermaid))....
Next, I'm going to put on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", 'cause I can stay up late tonight (I close tomorrow night)...and this may be one of my only chances to watch it this year. I plan to catch "Nightmare Before X-Mas" and "Mad Monster Party" on Sunday afternoon....

...TiVo alert for all of you out there: "Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular" ...if you haven't already been exposed to this character from the storybooks and comic books, and haven't yet seen the DVD (which is available in stores across the nation), do yourself a favor and set for it on Cartoon Network at: 10:00 am on Thursday, 10:00am on Friday, 2:00pm on Friday or 5:00pm on Saturday. (all times EST). It will become a new Hallowe'en Holiday tradition for ALL of you.
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