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The nerve of some people...

X-posted to scumberland in response to this entry

Isn't it funny, though, how I wrote what I wrote IN MY JOURNAL and you chose to write what you wrote here IN A COMMUNITY?

Are you that afraid of what any of us have to say, Fonzi? What, I'm not entitled to piss and moan about someone IN MY JOURNAL?

One of the things that is most interesting to me about your CP bashing: you've never once been there as a member and I've never in my thirteen years of being a member (including two years on the executive board), to my recollection, seen you in the audience. I do understand that you may have been influenced by Terri, who has on occasion CP-bashed, but she HAS worked there and is entitled to her opinion (though it's not necessarily pertinent to the people who are there NOW, but more to the people who were there THEN).

YEARS of trashing CP? Try maybe months. I certainly walked the party-line through 2002. I've never actually, however, trashed the ORGANIZATION, but perhaps certain people who for one reason or another I didn't get along with ****cough*** Amy Giuliani ***cough***. And even then, I saw her points and agreed with them in theory (we need more roles for women, for people of any color, etc.). I was just frustrated with her demeanor, and did not feel that her bullying tactics should be rewarded with the position of VP of Production.

I've been usher chair, building chair, secretary, house manager, stage manager, light and sound techie, actor/singer/dancer, assistant director, prop manager, tech crew, built sets, attended countless work parties and board meetings, etc. I've invested a great deal of my life in that theatre. Of course, I have a passion about it. Of course, I want to see it peopled by good people. There is currently someone there with whom I am not at this time getting along with. However, I still consider that person a friend, regardless of how she may currently be treating me and others, because I know deep down she's still a good person. I've never referred to her as "trash" as you put it. I never would, because I still have a tremendous amount of respect for her work as both a director and an actress. I would, though, like to see some new blood in there, in various chaired positions and on the executive board, because it can only do the company good to have new visions/ideas.

I'm very proud of the work we've put on there. I'm also proud of the work we presented on the stage at HCRT. It's where I made my directorial debut and where I got some great reviews for my performance in Othello. Also, don't discount Brett Fauver and the HCRT. It did not fold due to financial woes nor critical pans. Instead, we folded TEMPORARILY simply because Brett's cancer resurged. At the time we got the news, Brett was the director of a production of Hamlet and was also going to be playing the lead. We knew that we could not go forward with that production, knowing what the chemotherapy would be doing to him both physically and mentally. Now that he's healthy again and has just finished a run in "Much Ado" at CP (which may have been part of that bridge building that we have spoken of), we are looking forward to mounting that production of Hamlet after all (after a little reshuffling of the cast, due to new schedules for those of us involved).

I have nothing but good things to say about the people at OBSP. They know that. I've even been referred to as "the Goodwill Ambassador" because I've tried to mend fences ever since the first split happened. I don't have to justify myself with them. What I wrote had nothing to do with them, specifically. I was including COPA, OBSP and CCC in my call for more classics...hopefully, Walter will listen to Kerri soon and let her do "Antigone". I think that it's a wonderful thing that he showed the whole county that there are plenty of actors with talent who aren't the same people you see on stage in everything else and gave opportunity to more people of color. Hopefully, he will continue in the future. I understand that he's considering doing a musical like "Big River" or "Showboat" next year and can't wait.

oh, and when have I EVER said anything bad about FRANK CERIONE?
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