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After watching the movie "Camp" again tonight, it just made me miss all of the community theatre kids I've watched grow up around here. Many of the characters remind me of various specific kids or groups of kids.

There's Ellen, the fag hag girl, who kind of reminds me of Kristen, Emily, Jacqui, and a couple of others, Michael, who could be Matt, Daniel, or any number of the boys, Vlad who would have to be Frank S. from WAY back (he had all the girls' AND boys' heads turning his way...he was just pure sensuality), and of course, little Fritzi is no one but Sia...

So, when are we starting Hamlet? I already miss Much Ado!

Of course, Brett pointed out this entry on Fonzi's journal. You know what, Fonzi: you can suck my dick! Not to start any bad blood between any of the groups (there's already enough), but let's see ANYONE ELSE take on SHAKESPEARE (or any of the other REAL classics) besides Cumberland Players or Brett Fauver (or any combination of same).

Here's the tally so far:

Midsummer Night's Dream - directed by Brett Fauver at CCC
Twelfth Night - directed by Brett Fauver at CP
Romeo and Juliet - directed by Brett Fauver at CCC
Taming of the Shrew - directed by Paul Sungenis at CP
Winter's Tale - directed by Brett Fauver at HCRT
Twelfth Night (again) - directed by Brett Fauver at HCRT
Othello - directed by Brett Fauver at HCRT
Much Ado About Nothing - directed by Tom Suthard at CP

However, I have hope for Kerri Panichello to someday get her vision of "Antigone" to the masses.

Oh, and Fonzi? It's nice to see that your reviews of Off Broad Street Players in the DJ aren't BIASED in the least, dear. Can you say conflict of interest? I know that some people weren't happy with Brett's reviews, but at least he wasn't affiliated with the casts/shows involved and could look at them objectively.
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