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...consisted primarily with playing the Sims (from now on, just assume I mean 2)...

...the Curious family in Strangetown: Pascal's alien baby Elliott is now a toddler and is both walking and potty trained but hasn't yet learned to talk. Meanwhile, just as I was stopping for the night (didn't play very long and only played the ONE family tonight), Vidcund went into labor with his (alien) baby girl, Ripley...

...It's time for both Pascal (and Elliott) and Lazlo to seek out new places to live (I think the house is best suited to Vidcund, since he's the most into the alien abductions...I'd only maybe hook him up with Olivia and move him to the Specter house, since there is a graveyard there with tons of ghosts that he would also probably enjoy (since he's into the paranormal as well as the extraterrestrial).

Tomorrow, I'll be playing the Jones family again (that's the purple family I created...they are from a different sector of space than the Smiths) and probably at least playing the Curious Brothers just long enough to advance Elliott to child and have Pascal and Elliott move out (by that point Ripley should be a toddler and Lazlo can still help Vidcund with her upbringing). I don't want the babies to remain babies or toddlers, but I don't want Pascal to turn into an elder until he gets to marry
When Paul got home, he futzed with the computer and the TiVo a little bit and then we settled downstairs and watched "Degrassi" and the first three episodes of "Arrested Development" (on the DVD)...what a phenomenal show! I can't believe this was on the verge of a cancellation. I hate the mainstream American audiences sometimes.
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