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Booze paid for by WMMR and a movie!

Okay, yesterday, I web-surfed and played the Sims 2 for a little while.

Around 2-ish, I started getting ready for the evening...After grabbing a little extra cash at the bank, I stopped at Four Star Video to check my comics and grab the newest issue of "Identity Crisis" (no spoilers, but I'm a little bummed about the ending...what a waste of a great character...).

I then headed up to Echelon Mall and stopped into the comic "She-Hulk #8" there...hopefully, I'll be able to grab it this weekend while I'm in Philly.

After eating at the food court (Chik Fil-A), I then hopped back into the car and went to the Asian supermarket on Route 70 West (taking the exit from N295 for 70E and then taking the sort-of jughandle)....I got some "Super Lemon" (sort of like warheads), Pocky, "Salad" flavored Pretz, and Hi-Chew candies in four flavors: grape, apple, watermelon and lemon.

Around this time, it was time to head to the Elephant and Castle...luckily, I wasn't very far away at this point.

I arrived at the restaurant at the same time as Kim. We went in, scoped out the place and claimed Dawn's prize. (a bar tab pre-paid for up to $93.30 from WMMR that Dawn had won). We were soon joined by Shawn, Jenn, Kevin, Candie and Martin (and Dawn herself). We each hit the buffet (nachos w/ seven layer dip, club sandwiches, soft pretzels, cheese cubes, etc. There was also roast beef, though I don't think anyone got any). While there, a woman came to our table representing Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum and told us that they were doing a special promotion on Rum drinks ($2.00) and if we order rum drinks that we would get some Capt. Morgan swag. So, the guys got rum and cokes and the girls got rum and ginger ale. Kim and Dawn each got a black t-shirt, I got a white t-shirt, Kevin got a hat and Shawn got a logo'd rubber thing for the bar (to catch drips).

When we moved into the restaurant from the bar, we had our tab moved over. However, around 7:15 or so, we weren't sure where we stood and Kim and I were getting ready to leave, so we asked the waitress to total up how much we'd drank so far by that point. She brought over a bill that was $37. Dawn and I are both WAY too honest and we pointed out to her that the bill she gave us was only for the table and not for the bar tab...when she added in what was ordered at the bar, it came to $97.00. (we each put in $1.00...they paid it out and then the others who were staying started over with a new tab).
Also while there, this girl kept coming by with those shots in the testtubes...everyone else tried one that Kevin had bought that was grape flavored. Going by the faces that everyone else made, I knew better. However, then Shawn bought a blue one that was supposed to be mango/pineapple flavored...Jenn took a sip and liked it. Dawn, Candie and I made "yuck" faces when we drank it.
After the booze, I headed onto the Ritz...I had a little bit of time left to kill so, I stopped into Tunes and picked up a couple of used DVDs..."Something's Got To Give" for $9.00! (at FYE, the used copies of this is $16.00). and "Austin Powers: Goldmember" for $6.00 (I'm a completist and it was finally cheap enough to make it worth it...and I'm sure that the commentary will at least be funny).


Then, at the Ritz, I met up with Paul and we saw "I Heart Huckabees"...very strange, very funny, yet very thought-provoking movie. I'm still digesting it, really, but there are so many great little moments in this film.</a>
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