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Rainy days.... it just me or is it just about impossible for anyone to wake up when it's raining outside? It just lulls me right to sleep.

Now I finally have the time to update: let's see...

1) last week's dinner out:

The group went to El Vez in Philadelphia. Absolutely fabulous food, if a little pricey. Dawn, of course, loves that there is a classic photo booth machine (with the four photos in a strip). I ordered the opened face shrimp quesadilla, which was very good! I also had the taco sampler (which is what I thought was pricey). There were four tacos, all good, (beef, chicken, portabello, mahi-mahi (which was extremely spicy), but all kinda small. (I would have wanted at least a side dish to be served with the spicy rice that Tracy ordered). For dessert, I ordered the churros, which were refeshing with the strawberry-quava dip.

Other good meals: Tracy's Carne Asada (BIG pieces of meat), Chris' chicken soup, the El Vez (a flour-less chocolate cake with carmelized bananas/banana fudge), the HUGE salad that Tracy ordered.

All in all, the company was great!

This weekend, we ended our very brief run of "Much Ado About Nothing " (I could have happily done a third weekend).

For one thing, it was great to be with old friends: I'm of course very greatful to God that Brett is/was/will be healthy enough to be able to do this again (now, while I continue to pray that we will REMAIN cancer-free, my majority of my prayers/happy thoughts are now being focused on Greg...I hope he's strong enough to make it through his second fight with cancer). Richard, Pat, Michael and Nancy were all great to be able to work with again.

Amongst the newer people in the troupe, it was nice again to be in a show with both Joyce (who has been blessed with an incredible sense of humor) and Anne (who is so sweet) and to finally be on the other side of the stage with Collin (though I still wonder if he even likes me). Matt was his usual sardonic, yet silly self. Nick (who I've known for years, but who only recently came back to CP) was his usual sexy son of a bitch self (my god, that hairy chest!).

As far as the totally new people go: Jenna was very nice and led us with grace, Jen was just extremely funny and I think should be nominated for a "smokehouse" award (though reading her journal...I see she has a very serious side, too...), Jacqui was her usual ghetto-fabulous self and it was nice to add her to the CP stage (!!!), Emon was very fun to work with (and gives great hugs), Pamela was very nice (and it was nice to finally work with her, having known her for years when she came into the video store with her mother, Shirley), Michelle was a trouper and very sweet....I just hope we get her back (I do regret that I didn't get to know her as well as some others), Kat was a great gal and I have a feeling she's going to be Natalie Suppi: The Next Generation. Ed was the hardest to deal with. He was strange, inappropriate and (until the adults had an intervention with him regarding puberty) smelled bad. Is this wrong to post about a twelve year old boy? I don't know.

Our best audience was Woodstown High School who came in on Friday morning (they also MOSTLY asked great questions at the Q&A that followed). Other fun memories would have to include: Brett's ass on the final day (he continually mooned everyone) and the cannolis that were served during the party scene for the final performance.

Last night, it was a belated birthday celebration for me with dinner at Kris and Becky's. We had tacos (both hard and soft shell)...and Becky made quacamole from scratch! Gotta love her!

We played Gray Matter (which is sort of a poor man's Trivial Pursuit). and mostly just chatted throughout the evening.
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