Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Last night's "pick-up" rehearsal...

At last night's pick-up, make-up and costume were optional. Probably not a good started with Kat (the little girl) bringing various costumes to try on for Hallowe'en (she wore a different one in each scene), Ed (the little boy) playing along and trying on dresses from downstairs, wingedmoocow and risingstar87 raising the stakes, I had to join in on the dress-up fun after the intermission break...found a lovely orange gown...

Apparently, I missed Mills completely BOTTOM-LESS! (man, NO glimpses of uncut cock for me!)...though I didn't miss seeing Nick completely TOPLESS for the last scene (yum! Hairy chest).

Afterwards, wingedmoocow,risingstar87, michael_north, pabsungenis and evilmoonpie all went to the diner...Jacquie made a collage on her plate with ketchup, cole slaw, salt, pepper and sugar...she's found her medium and it's food.

(remind me to tell y'all about El Vez on Tuesday with the Eat This/Transducers crew)
Tags: community_theatre/cp, community_theatre/cp/much_ado, food/diners/golden_palace, shakespeare

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