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Opening Night...

While there weren't as many people in the audience as I might have liked (the theatre was about a third empty), they might as well have been a sold-out crowd with all the response they gave us.

They were laughing in all the right places...etc.

There were a couple of flubs, but everything went smoothly as far as the audience knew (I don't think anyone said anything about the curtain on the one side dropping after a certain actor's pratfall into, not me!).


Is it bad that I indulged in a little shadenfreude at the restaurant last night (we ended up at Five Points West)...also there were the cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar"...I wish them all well...many of them are friends. However, when I'd stepped into the back to say hello to Joe, I quickly turned around and walked out before he saw me...he was drunk and apparently his cast abandoned him. Most of them put money down on their tables for the check but not enough and Joe, who had ordered only fries (according to what I heard him saying) got stiffed with more than a $50 bill that was left to be paid...

...what does that say about how they feel about their director if the cast will treat him thus?
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