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just finished eating...

Well, I went to the AAA (not the AA) and finished paying off the rest of our Disney vacation for December.

Then, I walked next door to the Radio Shack and purchased MY Sirius Satellite Radio - unit and Boombox docking station (and the home docking station and the car docking station). I'll also be getting a $40 rebate on it (in the form of a Radio Shack gift card.

Then, I stopped at Sino Wok, got some Chinese food (chicken and broccoli combo, fried wontons). I came home and watched an ep. of "Jack and Bobby" (let's say that this jury is still out on this's a bit preachy and hokey...and I don't like the mother character (though Christine Lahti is doing a marvelous job playing her)).


In a little bit, I'll be heading off to the theatre for opening night...
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