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Senior Preview - Much Ado and other stuff...

Well, last night was the Senior Preview (and yes, I'm in agreement with michael_north, it should be considered the opening night...but that will be tonight).

They were a very dead audience. It probably didn't help that they were very sparce this time. It also didn't help that apparently one of them was snoring up near the front.

However, the fight and the BOTTLE breaking woke them all up and got gasps out of them! Yay us! Of course, as pabsungenis said, that may be because of the shards of "glass" that apparently flew into the audience...hee-hee.


Afterwards, we came home and watched the latest episode of "Will and Grace"...please, hopefully, this episode is a sign that they'll stay away from the guest stars for a while and all the extra characters like Leo, etc. When it's just the four of them (and Rosario) it's still the perfectly funny show it started out as. This was an especially funny episode.

Now, today, I turn 37. And I have an opening night. Let's see how this all goes!
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