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early start on the day...

Last night, after I got home from work (which was MOBBED), I chilled on the internet for a little bit while dubbing stuff off the TiVo (I FINALLY watched the "Starcrossed" movie from the Justice I can start watching the current season).

Paul and I then headed to the mall to shop and pick up last minute costume needs (for the show, not Hallowe'en...haven't even started THAT yet). We picked up pairs of suspenders for the two of us and I got myself a pair of steel-toed boots.

We watched the season premiere of "Degrassi: Next Generation" on the TiVo downstairs and then I played a little Sims2 before going to bed (I was up until 2am the night before playing it).

I went to bed early to prepare for this morning...I got up at 5:30am to head into work at the mall at 7am. From 7am 'til 11am (when the gates opened), Mike (the new manager), Robert (one of the associates) and I worked on our new "recall" (they constantly pull product from this store to give to that store and vice versa throughout the company...basically, something that we send away now is selling better somewhere else, though it's just sitting on our shelf untouched collecting dust). We brought in some CDs...Robert brought in the new Slipknot. I brought in "Wicked", "Happy Town" by Jill Sobule and Cheapness and Beauty" by Boy George (don't's a fucking awesome album!).


Now, I've been wide awake most of the day and I'm going to be going to rehearsal in late afternoon...not ready to nap yet, but will probably be drooping by the time we are running the show the second time...hopefully lunch/dinner break will perk me back up by then. (If need be, I'll cat nap downstairs when not in a scene).

Watched the latest's a shame they tried to bring Debbie Downer! That should have been the only sketch with that character. It was brilliant the first time, but they already even repeated a couple of the jokes and you could see that even the actors thought it was painful this time around.

Amy Poehler was a fine replacement for Jimmy Fallon and the Weekend Update stuff was funny...until Horatio Sands came out as Elton John. He's usually a sign that it's time to hit the fast-forward.

The only maybe funny sketch from the show was the spoof of disaster movies, taking place on an escalator that had stopped...well, 'cept for when Ben Affleck called it an sad. Next week, the host is Queen Latifah and I can't wait...when she was on last year it was about one of the funniest episodes of the season.
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