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We went to the car service place (had both of our cars taken care of)...Saturn of English Creek. My car needed some extra work (apparently I was leaking coolant and some kind of bracket that holds my muffler up needed to be replaced).

While waiting for Paul's car, we ate at Damon's (I had a pulled pork quesadilla, Paul had ribs), we played the trivia game on the big monitors.

We then tooled around in Borders and the Hamilton Mall while waiting for my car to be finished. We picked up some DVDs in Target, got a CD in Borders and some random books. At Hamilton Mall, I stopped in to visit Paul Connell (our former M.I.T.) at his new FYE there.

When we got home, I put some food out for the outside kitties and Paul and I sat down to watch one of the DVDs we got: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was and still is my favorite movie of this entire year. I can now go delete the copy that I'd downloaded. See, I told you. I paid for a ticket AND I bought the DVD. I also only downloaded it. I did NOT upload it at all. They have their money and I still managed to watch a few times in between. AND nobody was hurt, right?

I hadn't seen this movie with Paul before. I don't entirely know what he thought of it. I still am completely blown away by this movie, even more so now that I know what's really going on in these characters' lives (before they do). It really gets to me whenever they are in Montauk, since the landscape is so similar to Avalon, NJ where Paul and I first met and spent a great deal of our early relationship.

...I guess, part of the reason that I cried is that while watching it this time, it just magnified for me my realization of just how much feeling I have for Paul. It overwhelmed me just a little bit. I love him so much and don't really know what I'd do if he ever decided that he'd had enough of me.

Of course, this is why I SO want every couple we know to watch this movie: Kris and Becky, Jim and Linn, Chris and Andrea (Joel and Clem remind me MOST of them, when they aren't reminding me of Paul and I), Russ and Terri, Brett and Stephanie (though I think they get the message of this movie already), Shawn and Dawn (yeah, yeah, SURE they aren't a couple!).....
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