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Sunday - the wedding...

We got up at 6am. We each took our turns in the shower...Becky first, then me, then Marie. After getting dressed (we all just put on jeans for the temporary), we headed down to the continental breakfast...better than usual. There was a great thing there: a waffle iron! They had cups set up with mix that we could just pour onto the iron, close the iron (starting the timer) and have waffles ready in two minutes! Marie and I split one.

Afterwards, they headed off to the beauty parlor and I went upstairs to start getting ready. I put on all but my tie and my hankerchief (yes, this gay guy didn't know how to do those things). I had a little trouble with the suspenders at first, since they weren't the cheap clip-on type (and hadn't been entirely fit to me...I had to adjust them and make sure they were still even).

I headed off to home first (I'd forgotten cologne and anti-perspirant), Paul showed me how to fold the pocket kerchief. I then hopped into the car and got to Kris and Becky's house to pick up Maia, the petals for the flower girls and my bootaneer (sp)? Kris pinned the bootaneer onto my lapel and tied my tie, I picked up the kid and we left for the beauty salon (I played Bette Midler for her in the car).

We arrived at the salon and the girls were still being done. We'd been joined by Kristi/Evelyn, her daughter Ava, and Brian, and Becky's sister, Julie, her husband, Martin and their son Theo. (Ava and Theo are easily the cutest kids besides Maia). From there, I put Maia back in the car (there was a slight bit of tears when she thought I was taking her away from Mommy...but she stopped crying thanks to the power of Bette Midler), and we headed back to the hotel.

We got the girls changed into their outfits, I helped tie the "fake" rings onto the pillow for Theo to hold, the girls got ready, and the photographer, Bart Feldman, the owner of T&F Camera in Vineland, arrived. He took lots of shots of us getting ready.

Soon, it was time to start heading down and hopefully not be seen by the guests or the boys. We managed to get in position without Kris seeing Becky.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Beautiful weather, nice company etc. the ceremony was ending and we've all walked back down the aisle and formed our receiving line...that's when Evelyn pulled me aside and whispered to me "don't turn around...Rehahm (sp?) is here", Becky and Rehahm had been fighting recently and Rehahm had been specifically asked not to come to the wedding (as early as that morning when she had spoken to Kris on the phone).

Becky decided that she didn't want to have a big scene, but that she didn't want to have to deal with Rehahm. She was allowed to stay, but we all just ran interference for her throughout the reception (which otherwise ran fine).

Since it was so early in the day, the reception food was brunch: mimosas, a buffet of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. fruit platters, various pastries, and an omelet bar (I ordered one with provolone, ham, onions and tomatoes..yum!)

After the reception and everyone leaving, I quick headed back to get into my jeans and grab my stuff to put in the car to check out...I then went back to the reception area to make sure nothing was left behind for the various members of the wedding party and, of course, Kris and Becky.

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