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Saturday night...

Saturday was EXTREMELY hectic. We had a day from hell at had been heavily raining all day, but it didn't hold the people back. They came out in droves. It felt like Christmas shopping.

As I was already on my way home, I got a call from Paul. He was home, having been brought home by Alby. However, his car was at the mall...his battery died. There was a problem with it that couldn't be solved with just a jump (something had gotten loose...I'm not sure quite what it was). Anyway, I had to pick him up, bring him out to his car to get stuff out of it, and drive him to work. Afterwards, I waited for Richard Iglesias to come to tow the car. When Richard got to the mall, it was decided that he was tow it after the mall closed.

I then went home, changed and went into the movie theatre for a little while to help Paul since Kris obviously wasn't going to be working since he was getting married the next morning. We had big crowds there, too, but it's not as bad at the movie theatre, since they all go into the auditoriums at certain times (and once all the movies are running there isn't a busy time happening).

After the movie theatre, I went and met Becky at the hotel room (I'd called the house and she'd already left (and didn't bring Kris' cell)). I managed to get to the hotel before her and checked into the room. It was then decided to get a bigger room, since Marie would be joining us. So we moved. I had packed some bath crystals from Bath and Body Works for Becky and Marie had packed some tea candles and bubble bath (and a nice inflatable pillow for the tub). Becky took a bath first and then the two of us each took a turn (I read one of the new Superman Adventures (animated art style) digests while in the tub).

We got to bed relatively early and I barely slept the whole night (I just floated in that blackness where my body was very much out of it, but my brain was still going a mile a minute...but just couldn't move!).
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