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Third Friday...

Okay...this past week was Third Friday. I went out with Becky.

We met at Thunderson Forge and walked to the end of the street then turned around to start looking at all the new stuff... the meanwhile, I bumped into Carol and Lysle Heney and John Weiner who were handing out flyers for the upcoming production of "Raisin in the Sun" at Off Broad Street Players (it opens on our second weekend of "Much Ado") also runs the week after (that would be the second and third weekends of October). For tickets. While I'm at it: Much Ado tickets

Some of the shows at this Third Friday were a little blah...lighthouses and bowls of fruit. I did indeed enjoy the show at the Forge...Don has a great eye for good artists who have a new vision. The shows there are always thought provoking and not just stuff that matches the sofa...

I was happy to see the new location of Edible Art. They're really nice people and when I'd seen that the place was closed last week I got a little worried. Edible Art has expanded and are now where Beth's Bakery was (fine...Beth was kind of a bitch).
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