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Much Ado About Whatever...

I had MY first full rehearsal for "MAAN" tonight...since I barely made it to the read-through. Tonight, we ran three scenes (I was in ONE that we ran, but that's's interesting to see what else is going on when I'm not there on stage, too). Of course, tonight we ran a scene in which I have NO dialogue, but, I'm sure that I'll get to step into Conrade's skin soon.

I'm happy from what I'm reading of the script. I'm actually getting to be a more intelligent character this time around. I'm moving up and steadily, my characters are getting smarter...don't get me wrong, I LOVED playing "Sir Andrew" but there was a part of me that was really more comfortable even in poor Roderigo's skin. He wasn't stupid, just naive. (Though, however, there is something to be said about stepping into the shoes of the stupid. It was so easy to put on Andrew and not to have any worries whatsoever in my head for those couple hours...).
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