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a long couple of days at work...

I've pretty much been working straight through the past week/weekend.

I worked Thursday night and just barely made it to the first read-through of "Much Ado" (making it in time for the last couple of pages). Friday night, we had a going away party for Chuck at Applebee's (he's going to be working at another FYE in North Jersey). We're getting a new manager, whom none of us have met to the best of our knowledge, starting next week (for the time being, Heather and our new M.I.T., Delvin, will be running the store just the two of them...which means probably lots of tension between the two of them as well).

Last night, I went downloading a bunch of old-time radio shows and came across a children's series that I'm listening to right now. "Cinnamon Bear" was apparently originally broadcast in 1937 and is a tale reminiscent of "Wizard of Oz" involves two children and a magical teddy bear on a journey through "Maybeland" in search of the Christmas star that used to hang on their tree...

...I'm going to be burning it (it will take five discs) for Maia Leeds and Jonathan Fauver, since I know that their respective sets of parents would enjoy listening to the series with their children this upcoming Holiday season (and I have a feeling that listening to this series may become a holiday tradition for the two families)....
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