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Ya either got it, or ya aint. And, boys, I got it! Ya like it? Well, I got it!

I'm going to be taking on the role of "Conrade" in the upcoming production of "Much Ado About Nothing" at Cumberland Players. What's especially fun is that I did not need to audition.

What's even more fun? Also in this production: michael_north (a co-star from Othello), Richard Curcio, Michael Mills, Nancy Mills, Pat Simione (all of whom I've been in Shakespeare with before) and Paul! Also, I'll once again get to play with Joyce Maxwell and Anne Buckwheat AND have Collin Maier on the other side of the stage with me (I've only worked with him as my musical director for "Carousel").

Soon, I'll start learning my lines, thanks to the Handy Dandy Complete Works of Shakespeare! I'm only in four scenes according to the text and only have lines in three, so that's not nearly as daunting as some roles I've taken (I realize that the director, Tom Suthard, may choose to place me elsewhere in the play minus dialogue if he has some other vision for these scenes, but at least my amount of dialogue shouldn't increase!). I used to be the kind of actor who counted my lines. Once you have a larger role, you appreciate the fact that it's not the size of the part but the quality of it.
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