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Chicago - Thursday (last week)

Okay, here's the long awaited trip report.

The morning started with us heading to Philadelphia airport and arriving a bit early (about two hours before our flight)...but, who's complaining? I brought enough to read, certainly. A short stack of comics, two Archie digests, a couple of manga tps, and _Wuthering Heights_.

We ate breakfast at the Burger King next to our gate (not really very good...if I had the choice of fast food, I probably would have preferred Mickey D's, I guess or we should have grabbed something at a Wa-Wa).

We get on the plane and there is an announcement that no one should eat anything with peanuts/peanut butter since there are people on the plane with severe

We arrive in Chicago about 50 minutes ahead of schedule. Of course, something was wrong with the hotel shuttle, so it took 45 minutes for it to get to us (even though we saw the shuttle from the hotels on either side of our hotel arriving three times in the same time).

We get to the hotel, finally, put our bags away and walk to the CTA station. We don't get into the city until about 3:15pm or so. Jarvis had wanted to go to the Field Museum, but we could not find transportation to that museum. We ended up eating at the Artist's Cafe. Paul and I had the Capone burger. Jarvis had the Big Cheese (which he described as a glorified Grilled Cheese...yeah, reading the description, that's exactly what it SOUNDED like).

From there it was the Art Institute of Chicago!

At the museum, after paying my admission, I asked a guard where I could find a restroom, so I could clean/dry off my glasses. She pointed out a stairwell I hadn't seen before. I'm so glad I went downstairs. I found a whole couple of galleries that I'd never explored before...the photography gallery and the Thorne Miniature Rooms. These little rooms were AMAZING in their detail.

We also got to see a special exhibit on Georges Seurat and the Island of La Grande Jatte. It absolutely blew me away. Very well presented. I love this painting anyway, but what a way to look at was presented along with many sketches and color studies for the painting, as well as paintings by others of the same island, other pointillist paintings by other painters, and paintings that were feature in the same original exhibition as "Island of La Grande Jatte"...there was even a digital reproduction of the painting that was restored to show what the colors looked like when it first appeared!


After the museum, we trekked towards the Magnificent Mile. There, we found the grocery store that we always hit for beverages for the weekend...(I got Squirt!).

After roaming around, we managed to make our way back to the Giordano's that we usually eat at, only to discover that they were closed (this after passing on one near the magnificent mile, since there was a wait). We ended up instead returning to the hotel and eating at the Gibson's Steakhouse was expensive, but worth it...GREAT steak...and enough to take home to the hotel for our eating on Sunday night (at least for Paul and I).
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