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Okay - short version -

Bought a lot of loot. Went to a few panels. While I'm generally more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan, I thought that the Marvel panels were more fun (Bob Wayne, in charge of marketing, at DC came off as a dick, actually...and I really didn't like that a couple of the panels were taken over by the movie studios, especially one that had no tie to the movie)

and YES, I also think Bob Wayne is a dick 'cause I was here.

("Batman Begins" may belong at the DC Universe panel, and "Constantine" may belong at the Vertigo panel, but what the fuck was the point of taking over the Green Lantern panel with "Batman Begins"? Everyone I know who WANTED to go to that panel (whom I talked to throughout the convention, was pissed that they were shut out, since the Batman fans got to the wristbands earlier...)

It was nice to get to meet some great people. It was fun to see some new books that I've never seen before.

I'll fill y'all in about the whole thing throughout the week...
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