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After getting up, and waking up a bit from reading on the web, I headed out to the DMV.

I knew that I would need a photo id for the airport on Thursday morning. I was there at the DMV for about an hour (a little more) was a madhouse. Then I headed over to Mickey D's and grabbed a Big Mac, a double quarter and a ten piece of nuggets and went home to watch the beginning of Meet the People with Lucille Ball (I'd TiVo'd it earlier this week from TMC)...I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bert Lahr was one of the supporting players in the film. So far it's pretty good (I've only seen the very beginning), it's a musical so that's cool, but it's so strange to see Lucille Ball when she's not Lucy Ricardo...though I've listened to her on radio shows and she's a fantastic actress!


At work tonight, it was still slow, so I managed to get all of my usual stuff (the top 20 displays and the rebates) for Monday night (which is really for Tuesday morning) done. I'm also going to be able to have the day off, since Patterson is kindly going to fill in for me (so I can get laundry and stuff done before we go away (so I also have stuff TO pack).

I'll make sure that both Paul and I have clothes to wear in Chicago....hopefully, I won't be getting the hives tonight or tomorrow, I've had them the last three nights (however, I did take a new Claritin for hives last's a little more expensive than my atarax/hydroxizine, however, it may be worth it for two things: it's over the counter so I don't have to go to the doctor, and it's a non-drowsy formula (unlike my atarax/hydroxizine). That seemed to work pretty quickly for the itching and it didn't leave me feeling like a zombie this morning. YAY!
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