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Long weekend - Sunday

After a SLOOOOWWW day at the record store, I headed home, changed and headed out to work at the movie theatre.

At about 8-ish, Pablo and Brian showed up to film my scene for Dead House.

It was fun and I hope that it comes out good (I didn't get a chance to see it yet...we shot the scene over a few times from various angles...I just hope I was able to retain the continuity correctly with my movements and walking).

I was also visited by dreamgrrrl79 and dreamstar7, who stopped in after their matinee performance of "Gypsy" (which I unfortunately will not be able to see), to see "the Day After Tomorrow".

After work, I stopped over to Kris and Becky's and hung out with Becky, R.J. and Kyle (Kris and Paul stayed in the living room and talked).
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