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Long Weekend - Saturday

After working until 5:10pm, I stepped out into the mall in search of shoes (found a new pair in Foot Locker) and a swimsuit (for the hotel in Chicago)...found one in the clearance racks at Old Navy (and also got new jeans and two new shirts)...I wore one of my new shirts and the jeans to the party later (previously mentioned in an earlier entry).

When I got to Frank's, I paid my cover charge (not minding, I knew I would be drinking more than $5.00 worth of alcohol and it's fair). I saw so many people that I hadn't seen in a while. It was nice to get to mingle with the guys from Bounce, the kids who used to come to our RHPS at the DeMarco, John (who was a Transylvanian with the Transducers), the "A Gays", the "Federation", and continually be surprised by more people showing up...

...there was a swimming pool with a deck, two hot tubs, various areas to sit and talk, the trampoline and a bonfire.

After I saw that there was someone naked in the hot tub and I knew I wouldn't be either the only one nor the first one naked, I couldn't get out of my clothes soon enough and into the tub.

I knew I had to open the next day, so I left a little after 1:30am and got to bed by 2am.
Tags: friends/frank, nudity/generic, nudity/skinny_dipping

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