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LONG Event-filled Weekend...Friday started on Friday night.

After getting my check cashed (YAY! My Retro pay is finally paid off), I went home, showered/changed and picked up Terri Garvey (my favorite gal pal).

Terri and I headed into Millville for a poetry slam (she performs, I just like to listen...haven't written anything myself in ages). We first grabbed some grub at the Chinese-owned Mexican place (shrimp soft tacos! yum!).

When we got to the Thunderson Forge on High Street (where the slam was), we found that we were pretty early, so we paid our admissions, got our hands stamped, then walked the length of High Street, in hopes of finding more people to hang out with. We went down to the RRCA building, but neither Jacqui Hair nor Becky were there. We shopped a bit in the Rusty Heart (she'd never been in the upstairs portion of the store), we also checked out the "Secret Garden" behind the store and browsed for a bit in Wind Chimes.

When we got back to the slam, we found that they had some danish/pastries from Edible Art and some Chinese food from the Great Wall restaurant next door (donated).

We had a little bit of chicken and broccoli and some rice and sat down (I sat in a chair that was broken and made sure to keep people from sitting in the chair when I switched seats).

I was chosen to be a judge. There was one goth kid who I felt compelled to give low to mid scores to simply 'cause I had problems hearing him. One girl read the work of a different girl (who was apparently too shy)...all of them were about being anorexic. A little old lady read an interesting one about reincarnation.

Terri didn't win the actual competition (there were at least eleven or twelve different slammers), but did win an "M.C's Choice" prize (a gift certificate to Edible Art).
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