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where have I been and what have I been doing that I haven't been updating?

Well, I've mostly just been working. I'd been trying to get in as many hours as possible before we go away to Chicago (this week is the last, since next week's check is the last I'd receive before we go away).

I've not really done anything exciting beyond our monthly dinner (this time at Winfield's in Millville on High st). Attention locals: check out this place! It's an Italian restaurant that opened up only last year. They have lots of great food. However, when you go, decide on an appetizer you would like to share, since they are large enough for two people. In fact, the fried calamari could be a meal itself the portion is so huge. Personally, I didn't really care for the deserts (they were good, but the portions were small for the price), so get them elsewhere (get some ice cream at Blinker's or Serene's maybe).


Last night, we (R.J. and I) went out to Bounce for a celebration for Geno's birthday. It was amazing how many people were there. Granted, how much of that is the fact that there were drawings for $100 every hour...and tons of prizes given away, too. There was also a charity auction for a children's aids charity...a date with one of the male strippers was auctioned off. Bids started at $50.00 and climbed to $250.00 dollars.

Brittany Lynn was there to perform (hilarious as always) and Jacqueline Dupree (one of the other drag queens) sang.

We met up with Josh, Joey, John, and Josh's sister and cousin (Cookie and Udonna)...those gals were fabulous. Frank and Chris F. were there later. I think a good time was had by all.


Today, I'm just planning to laze around the house, read a couple more chapters of "Wuthering Heights" (I did find an online "cliff's notes" type site that had a copy of the "Family Tree" of the characters in .pdf form so I could keep them all straight - it's hard 'cause a couple of the characters have the same names and some have similar names).

Tonight, I work at the movie theatre with Jarvis and if it is not raining we'll likely end up in the pool tonight.
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