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No day but today...

Yeah, I'm just as lame as ever. I wanted to go to the movie theatre and watch a movie and chill out, but the test screening wouldn't be until 12am and that would be WAY past my "bedtime" (yuck...I hate having to get up early in the morning...especially for work...double yuck).

I drove out to the theatre anyway (to pick up my cellphone, which I'd left behind a few nights had been sitting in the box office for a while). I ended up hanging out briefly with Becky and got to spend time with little Maia. I always feel fantastic when I see the baby's face just beam with a smile from ear to ear when she sees me walk into the room. I'm glad that I've been able to have a positive effect on this little person, this little life.

I drove all the way home and I popped in my copy of Rent (it's been sitting abandoned next to my computer for at least six months)'s like visiting an old friend or two, in more ways than one.

There are certain movies, books and plays that really effect me, 'cause they are like looking through a (funhouse) mirror...this is one of them. The song "Tango Maureen" could have been Michelle and I singing about Michael back in the day in college. The frustrations of Mark and Roger to pursue their art while trapped in their slacker, generation x lives hits pretty close to home, too.

I think that the movie that most did this for me in it's time was "Reality Bites". God, Ethan Hawke as Troy and Wynona as Leilani are SO playing Michael and I (though I identify far more with Janeane Garofalo's character Veronica). Leilani's struggles to find work as a videographer were so much like the employment struggles that Paul was going through in the radio industry at the time. The reactions to Troy's moving in with the girls were the reactions to Michael's moving in with Paul (ostensibly with me, too). Veronica and Leilani have a fight when Veronica offers Lani a job at the's just like a fight that Michael and I had years ago when he was looking for work and I'd told him to apply at Taco Bell (which he felt was beneath him...working in fast food).

In fact, it was identifying so much with "Reality Bites" and "Clerks" that made me want to separate myself from one of my former friends. He and I had been growing SO far apart. I was working at "a SHITTY video store" (thank you, Randall) and I was trying to tell this guy, Walter, that he really needed to see this movie that was a slice right out of my life and he told me he didn't identify with these "kids in Generation X". Now, mind you, this person graduated with me...he was/is MY age. He didn't even know that OUR generation was Generation X! about being out of touch with your peers.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go curl up with some comics and head off to bed soon.

Hopefully it won't be too nasty out tomorrow...I really don't feel like getting too drenched at "Third Friday" tomorrow down on High St. in Millville!
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