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Wildwood - Saturday

Well, let's see...

This past weekend was cool. My friend Mickey was visiting her parents and had called/e-mailed earlier in the week to let me know she was coming. But what could we do?

Well...I thought of going to a mall or something or hitting South Street. Then, I realized that she hadn't been here since March or so and wouldn't be back until at least September. Well, what can you do in the summer that you can't do during the rest of the year?


So, after we made the date, Paul suggested that I ask Becky to join us. Becky secured Jarvis to babysit for Maia since Kris would be working that night (Saturday) with Paul. Yes, the girls DID hit it off as well as Paul expected they would. So, it was a girl's night out.

We ate and shopped from one end of the boardwalk to the other. First, Becky and I found a place for cheeseburgers for a buck (Mickey, being a vegetarian sat them out)...then we stopped for pizza at Jumbo's...absolutely delicious JUMBO slices! Mickey had a cheese slice, Becky chose a white pizza and I had a cheesesteak slice (with steak, onions, peppers and I think provolone).

After reaching the other end of the boarwalk and turning around, I got myself a Cherry Lime Ricky. Soon, we stopped at Curly's Fries and I got a medium tub and the girls got themselves a funnel cake nearby and we sat and ate.

Now, of course, we also shopped - Mickey found some great gifts for the gals at home. I'll have to head back for a couple of the t-shirts that I saw and maybe some other foods (I didn't see ANY place with Hawaiian Shaved Ice .. pooh!)

I still can't get over the fact that the poor man in the dunk tank on the one pier wasn't an animatronic...he didn't seem to move like a real person. We also giggled at the old guy singing at the end of the shopping pier ("one of New Jersey's greatest vocalists")

Before leaving the shore, we stopped into Laura's Fudge and got assorted snacks for home...I got a pound of salt water taffy and an assortment of fudge (a pound).

All in all a great visit and great trip down the shore.

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