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Fourth of July and Free Comic Book Day goodness...

I worked most of the past week ('cept Wednesday, when I joined Paul, Jarvis and R.J. at the Ritz to see Fahrenheit 9/11...excellent movie. Everyone in America who is eligible to vote in this next election should see this film!).

I planned to go to karaoke on Wednesday night, but the bar was closed (their water main had broken)...oh well, maybe this coming Wednesday.

On Thursday and Friday I worked most of the day both days.

On Saturday, I went to Philadelphia as soon as I got up. I headed to Fat Jack's Comic Crypt first. They had a big table laid out with all of the free books and just let anyone take whatever they wanted. I flipped through most of them and chose the ones that looked the most interesting. While I was there, I steered a few people towards trying "Amelia Rules" and the "Dork Storm" books since I think they are good introductions to either series...

...I think the best thing I got this year was something called "Reggie 12" by Highwater Books. It's a neat little compilation of strips from a mag called "Giant Robot" and revolves around an "Astro Boy/Rusty the Boy Robot" styled character in a humor strip.

From Fat Jack's, I headed down to South Street. I parked at the garage at the Whole Foods Market and walked to Atomic City Comics. Upon entering, I was handed a bag filled with free comics...though none from this event (they were laid out on a table at the front, though)...they were all various older books, including a couple of older #1s (the Captain America Marvel Knight book was one), and a trio of "Wizard 1/2" books (with their certificates of authenticitys in their mylar bags with them). I guess they were just making room...

From there, I headed back to the Whole Foods, grabbed a fruit/melon cup, snacked, and left...(I also picked up a block of cheese which I brought to the party that night and some fabulous looking cherries which I'll be bringing to game night tomorrow).

At Deptford Mall, I stopped into "Legends" and picked up another free book (they handed me the "Image" book..yuck! At least it was free). I stopped at "Sam's Club" and picked up the "Chronological Donald, volume One" DVD tin from Disney (it was a couple bucks cheaper there than my employee discount at FYE).

Then, it was off to my final stop: A+ Comics in Glassboro. There, I picked up the free Star Wars comic (still haven't gotten around to reading that one).

Now, of course, I actually spent money at each of these comics shops (picking up at least one manga novel/tp at each). I got: Astro Boy #5, Lament of the Lamb #1, Forbidden Dance #1 and Lupin III #1. I also got Jess Nevin's Guide to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
That night, I headed over to Shawn Borman's for a quickly planned poker night. I grabbed one of the BIG bags of Hershey's miniatures at the BJ's warehouse store and headed onto Shawn's. Shawn, Jim Dunn, Phil Commander, Chris and Andrea Savidge all played at the real money table, while we (Kim and Dawn Calendo, Shawn's friend John and I) all played at the kiddie table with the candy as our chips. I learned to play "Texas Hold'Em"...good game!

Yesterday, Paul took me out to lunch at Chili's at Hamilton Mall after browsing through Border's. (I finally picked up: Stone and Anvil by Peter David (I'm still a few books behind in the series, but wanted the hardcover before it was gone).

Then, it was off to Andrea and Chris' annual Fourth of July party! Drinking, swimming in the pool, pool volleyball (the only rules: no spiking, one ball at a time (there are thirteen balls currently), last person to hit a ball out of the pool has to retrieve them all), barbecue! I stuffed myself on two burgers, assorted chips, fruit, veggies...

Candie made a fabulous cake: it was shaped like a giant cheeseburger.
Dawn made smores quesadillas (on the grill).

We piled into two cars: Shawn's car had Shawn driving, Kim, Dawn, Chris, Andrea, their friend Worm, Dawn, myself, Melissa/Flower and her boyfriend Bruce (who's middle name is Wayne, so we call him Batman). Melissa ended up lying across Batman, Dawn and my lap on the way. in the other car, were Martin, Candie and a couple other friends of the group.

Arriving at the park, we spread out blankets, opened chairs, lit citronella candles and some of the others started lighting fireworks (including one scary moment when one of the bottle rockets stayed grounded a little too long then turned and headed straight at US). Eventually, we were joined by Dave Commander (Phil's brother), his girlfriend, Scott Johnston, his new girlfriend Ishmael, and Ken and Jenn.

All in all...a happy night, however, even though the fireworks were great, the finale was anti-climactic and we couldn't really hear Pat Benatar across the river as well as we could hear Cheap Trick last year.

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