Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Son of the Snooping Mother...

Another one of my friends has a snooping mother. A while back, I started compiling a list of innocuous family-friendly sites that would nontheless be weird for her mother to find in her bookmarks...but of course, none of these sights should be anything that would get her in trouble (her mother had set her AOL to read what her daughter was doing online). You can find the original post here. There's a great thread there with all kinds of wonderful sites. I also posted some more here. I am asking now for one of my LJ friends who apparently has a snooping sister and mother perusing through his "favorites" and the sister is printing out his e-mails to give to his mother. Let's have them wondering about the creativity of their child that he has found such wonderful, possibily educational, but certainly strange sites when put together...

Any links you can suggest will be appreciated!

Here's some to start us off!

Times Square: Live Web-cam
the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Tattler
And the Bride Wore...
Frank's Vinyl Museum
Bad Hemingway Generator

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