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The Sunburn...

...isn't as bad today (though I'm still having a little trouble when sitting down and standing up...I'm walking better once I AM up).

Today, I've got a longer day at the record store (2pm to closing (which means we'll probably be there 'til around 10:30ish)). We also are barely going to have a skeleton crew tonight, 'cause apparently a lot of people needed this particular Saturday off for various reasons (graduation parties, family vacations, obligations to their other job, etc.).

I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I'll be able to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" (especially since it may not be as crowded since most people will be at "Spider-Man 2" that day).

Well, I'm hungry, so I'm gonna start getting ready to head to work so I can grab some grub on my way in (don't know when I'll get a chance to eat otherwise)...probably at Wa-Wa...then I can grab my dinner there as well (probably get a pair of hot dogs and a bag of chips to tide me over til my dinner break and grab a salad for later).
Tags: fye/generic, health/sunburn
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