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I'm fucked up...

Yes, I went to the beach yesterday...and YES, I used the SPF70 on my naughty bits (though I neglected to put any on my ass)...

...I'm sunburned (lightly) on my ass...just enough to be uncomfortable...whatever. However, the big problem is I'm also burned on the backs of my calves and knees (enough so that I'm having trouble both walking and remaining in any position for too long).

Meanwhile, I have to make an observation about something from yesterday. You know, if I'm walking around naked at a nude beach and someone takes a glance at me and their glance lowers to my naughty bits, I can't really complain, since I'm there and it's not like I'm not looking around at others myself (and I'm sure that there were people there who enjoyed looking and being looked at).

However, when I was dressed and in the bathroom at the beach, I didn't think it appropriate of the one guy a few urinals away to be looking...that's just wrong! Dude, if you want to see some cock, just walk a few yards or so out on the'll see them in all sizes. This is NOT the time!
Tags: health/sunburn, nudity/generic, nudity/sandy_hook, nudity/skinny_dipping, piss

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