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I'm home now, just sitting watching "Real World" before finally heading to bed (yes, it's a guilty pleasure).

Tonight, we had dinner with our dinner friends: Shawn, Frank, Kim, Dawn, Chris and Andrea...This month, it was my choice from the hat...Effie's in Philadelphia (on Pine near 12th). Greek food. I thought that most of it was wonderful. There were a lot of seafood dishes ordered (my own included...I had fried calamari served with french fries and a salad that basically amounted to a drier variation on cole slaw). The only let down for me would be the lack of choices of desserts: rice pudding or baklava.

Meanwhile, when I get up tomorrow, Jarvis, Bob and I are going to Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook. I'm bringing a frisbee, two Archie digests, a cooler for drinks and sandwiches (most likely purchased at Wa-Wa enroute) and lots of sunscreen (including some SPF-70 for the "tender" areas). We're leaving around 8am-ish (to allow travel time) and plan to be home before 5pm (Jarvis is going to a show tomorrow night).
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