Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Well...I'm off to meet my's to be a gloomy day at work, since the District Manager (in training) Dave is supposed to be making a visit bright and early this morning... least I have Third Friday to look forward to tonight. For those of you newly joining this journal, in the next town over, Millville, there has been a renaissance. In the past two years, since the opening of the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts (a gallery) there has been an influx of new businesses opening up on the main drag and nearby. Now, similar to "First Friday" in Philadelphia, on the third Friday of every month, there are gallery openings (in both the actual galleries and in some of the stores), including the typical wine and cheese platters, etc. The stores stay open later for the one night a month, attracting business from around the state and beyond. There is usually something exciting going on somewhere, guaranteed one of the businesses will have a musician or two playing. There is the "Clay College" (a ceramics school, affiliated with our county college), the used book store (which, in my opinion, is a town landmark), the blacksmith forge, glass blowers, new antique and knick-knack shops, two new restaurants, a new bar, and I've just read there's a new used music store...supposedly, in the last two years, a new business has opened on High Street on average every six weeks, so there's generally something new to see each month. Also, I love to go hang out at the studio of one of our dear friends, Rita. Rita will sometimes have art projects for us to join in on. Her grand opening last year included a paint by number mural on the wall of the kitchen which we were all invited to paint part of. We've done finger painting and she usually has paper and crayons/colored pencils/markers for people who would like to doodle while they hang out. Tonight, I'm bringing our friend, Becky, for her first time. She's just graduated from art college, so I'm sure she'll enjoy herself.
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