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Okay...first pictures of the whole kitty family...

Alright, starting with the inside of the house, we have T.C.:

First, is Pal, the Great Grand-Mommy!:

Then, we have her sister, Mommy Kitty:

Pal's eldest is our alpha male, Prince:

(and here's a shot of Prince when he was a little one:)

(at some point, I'll get Prince's sister, Tiny and I'll show you the grown-up and kitten versions of her...unfortunately, I've not gotten the same pictures of the others).

Hermione is Prince's little sister and the mommy (and grandmommy) of the next cats you'll see:

Her daughters are Dusty (who you'll see in a moment) and Oreo:

(who looks more and more like her aunt, Autumn (except for the fact that she's not calico), every day).

Here is Cupcake, Dusty and Oreo's little sister:

and here's Dusty with her babies in the cardboard box (they haven't quite opened their eyes just yet, nor have I been able to sex them to name them):

Finally, here's a bonus shot of Daddy Kitty (the black tom on the left) and Manny (who was once called Minnie (which was the name that evolved from Mini-Frouvous)).

(soon to come: Tiny, Dahlia, Shadow, Princess, and Butters (Smoke, Moxy and Fruvous are here so seldomly I don't want to promise I'll be able to get their photos)...someday, hopefully, I'll also get to see Vinnie again and get a snap of him!).
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