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Some great days with friends...

Hello, everyone! I've been having some busy/great days with friends...

Saturday afternoon, I went to the aforementioned grand opening party for the South Jersey United Filmmaker's Studios and hung out with my friends Pablo and Brian. At the party, there was a barbecue outside (even though there was some misty rain, the grill was under a canopy) serving hot dogs and hamburgers, there was a table inside with ham, spanish rice and beans, various salads, fruit platters, veggie platters, etc.

Outside, on the other side of the building was a band playing live (thrash metal) music. I can't imagine what the neighbors thought was going on.

We got to see previews of various things that each of the studios is working on and a short film shot in the space of twenty four hours. I thought the short showed promise and would want them to reshoot the same film in more depth (same script, same length, but giving themselves more time to get a quality product...perhaps a month long shoot).
That night, after work, I met up with Paul at Denny's and I pigged out on the chicken fingers and smothered cheese fries.

On Sunday, we went to the Maplewood III (a "fancy" Italian restaurant near the movie theatre) for Becky's graduation party. Becky thought it was going to be her Bridal Shower, but BOY was she surprised to see all of us there, throwing confetti at her when she stepped in. We (Paul, Jarvis, R.J. and I) were seated with Becky's classmate Marie and Marie's boyfriend Sean (Shawn?). Paul and R.J. had to go to the movie theatre to work, so they only could stay long enough to have the salad. However, the rest of us had various pasta dishes to choose from and tiramisu for dessert (the staff was kind enough to pack up two portions of the tiramisu to take to Paul and R.J....thank you Kristi/Evelyn for thinking of it!).

It was nice to get to meet Becky's sister, Julie, who I've heard so much about as well as other members of their family.

After the party, we (Jarvis, Marie, Sean/Shawn, Kris, Becky (with Maia in two) and I) met up at the movie theatre since Paul and R.J. were working there and Jarvis and I would be soon. At the movie theatre, we were all surprised by a visit by "Bob on wheels". I pulled out the "Apples to Apples" game and we all played.

After Maia started getting a little tired, Kris and Becky headed out... (Marie and Sean/Shawn had already left). Soon after, Josh and Christy showed up to hang out for a while...then Marni and HER Bob. We ended up being stuck at the movie theatre until midnight (because the late show of "Hellboy" ran)....when I got home, R.J., Paul and I watched "Coupling" (the season premiere) on BBC America (on the Tivo), then Paul and I watched this week's "Queer as Folk"

When I got up Monday morning, I watched the Tony's (I didn't go online all night so I wouldn't find out the winner's before watching...YAY! Idina Menzel won for "Wicked" and "Avenue Q" (this year's little show that could) won for best book, best score AND BEST MUSICAL!!!

Yesterday, after work, I went to Kris and Becky's with games in tow...We sat down to dinner (fettucine in a light tomato sauce) prepared by Becky (joined by R.J.), then went out to the back porch to play Electronic Talking Mystery Mansion (Kris won) and Clue(R.J. won) (maybe next time, we'll get to Kill Doctor Lucky). We then headed into the living room, for dessert (great danish that I picked up from BJ's) and to watch "Iron Chef".

Today, later this evening, Paul and I are going to be heading up to the Ritz to see "Shrek 2" (I'd also like to stop at the Target to pick up a copy of "Reality Bites" on DVD (it's on sale for a dollar cheaper than my employee discount at FYE)...and then to Bounce for Karaoke.

For now, I'm going to get dressed and take the digital camera outside and start assembling pictures of the kitties!
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