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Long Weekend...

Well, first of all, Friday night we had another double feature at the DeMarco Cinemas.

Some of the usual suspects were there (Dan Hughes, Marni and Bob, etc.). We were also joined by three of my FYE buds...Brian, Macho and Sean (who I've known since he was a little squirt in "Gypsy" at Cumberland Players). The guys mostly came to see "Batman", so while "Superman" was on, they sat in the lobby and played "Yu-Gi Oh" (it's sort of like "Magic: The Gathering").
Paul and I left relatively early that night and headed home to try to catch some sleep.
We got up at 6 AM and managed to get out and on the road (including getting all of our packing done, my sorting my reading and choosing music for the road) at 8am...

We made it to Allentown by about 9:30am or so...we ate at the rest stop there (the Bob's Big Boys breakfast buffet) and headed back onto the road (I took the second shift...which included getting through the tunnel). We ended up making it to Olean, NY by 3:30pm that day...which was pretty good considering the amount of rain we had to get through (I couldn't speed quite as easily as I would normally, for instance).

We checked into the hotel and walked over to the campus (conveniently across the street) of Paul's old college (St. Bonaventure) to see whether the box office was open for the play that night.

The box office was closed, so we just planned to head back a little early to allow ourselves time to pick up tickets that night.
We headed out to do a little shopping to kill some time before heading to the show. There is a comic shop on the main drag and I just picked up one back issue that I hadn't realized I'd missed. We then headed over to the little mall and I picked up another book in the Pennsylvania Dutch mysteries by Tamar Myers and an issue of "Barbie Bazaar" magazine at the bookstore there...I happened to peek into the FYE's not quite the little closet that the one at Hamilton Mall is, but it wasn't really much bigger. The employees probably don't know how lucky they are not to have to travel those great distances by foot every day!

We headed back to the hotel, showered, changed and napped a little bit before heading out to the campus again to get our tickets for the show that night. I made sure that we had our Mavica camera that night...I wouldn't let this historic occasion go by without documenting it!

We got to the theatre a little early, but we got our tickets (the box office girl did comment that quite a few tickets were sold that night) first we didn't think she was serious, 'cause it was just us in the theatre for quite a while, then everyone and his brother came in to see the show, including Ronnie Motta (Paul's former comedy partner and his co-star in "Edited For Television"), Ronnie's fiancee Jill, and two more friends from Paul's time there in school (Rob, who was in some plays with Paul, and Daisy, who primarily worked tech on the shows).

I was especially excited to "meet" Ronnie. I put that in quotes, 'cause I've known Ronnie for nearly the ten-plus years I've known Paul...but I've only ever conversed with him via phone/e-mail/AOL-IM. We've never been in the same room before. He certainly got more rugged looking since he was on the television show.

We were there to see the show because it was the last show directed by their former drama teacher/director before he retired. I don't know if it was representative of his previous work. While I had no real problem with the two male actors, the single actress was at times grating. It was obvious at times that she didn't know quite what she was saying, but was only reciting fact, after the show, I overheard her saying that she didn't know what a "JAP" was (Jewish American Princess), but was happy someone finally explained it to her (and she was playing a "JAP" character, too).

My assessment of the show ("This Is Our Youth" by Kenneth Lonergan): It was plodding at points, the characters are ALL unredeemable, they cursed WAY too much to the point of unrealism (I'm no prude, but I quickly get tired of too much repetition of the "F" word ala. "Blue Velvet" or "Scarface" (or "Broken Strings")), and it had one of those endings where it didn't so much end as it just stopped...abruptly.
After the show, there was a reception in the Arts building, so we all gathered there for the usual cheese/pepperoni/cracker, fruit, veggies/dip platters accompanied by a selection of wines and a bowl of fruit punch...
Paul and I hadn't eaten pretty much since that breakfast and Jill was needing coffee so the six of us ended up going to the Friendly's where I had a surprisingly good burger and relatively good fries. I was thinking of getting ice cream instead, but the pictures and descriptions in the menu just didn't look/sound appetizing that night for some reason. Whatever.

I really had a good time meeting Ronnie. Jill was a good egg (she's really witty). Rob told some really great stories (including a particularly entertaining yarn about when he went to a performance by Gregory Hines and ended up in an audience participation segment). Daisy seemed to me to be one of those people who could easily keep me in stitches.
We got back to the hotel a little after midnight and crashed immediately. My only complaint about the hotel is that the walls were REALLY paper thin and the family in the next room got up at about 7am (we were planning to sleep in until at least 8am) and their kid woke me (Paul was still snoring away for a while)...I tried to get that extra hour and dozed just before 8 and Paul woke me at 8:15am.

We quickly got dressed and headed down for our continental breakfast.

After eating breakfast, we quickly gathered our things and checked out of the hotel. We headed out to the local Seneca reservation not far from Olean to get our gas for the trip home.

We then got onto the highway and took one brief stop about halfway (where I got a bottle of new "Go Bananas" Snapple) and then once again stopped at the Allentown rest stop. This time we had personal pan pizzas at the Pizza Hut. I weighed myself on the scale in the men's room for a quarter...I'm currently 155 lbs. No buddha belly. No chipmunk cheeks. My thighs are getting fairly solid. This is the heaviest I know I've ever been and it's possibly more muscle than fat this time around (the last time I'd porked up to 154 was back in last 1999...just before I left "Four Star" and it wasn't a pretty picture).

We got back to town about 4pm and we stopped into the movie theatre to see how things were going. We got home at about 4:30pm and Paul and I chilled out for a little while before he had to go to his first read-through for "Pinocchio" at HCRT.
I headed over to Linda's house for a little while and played with the puppies (hey, I hadn't showered that morning and I was already a little stinky from the drive and all...I could shower after getting "puppy" smell all over me).
I worked a full day today: I went into FYE at 9:30am and was there until 5pm, then headed over to the DeMarco from 6pm-til closing...
Tomorrow, I'm working at FYE in the early afternoon then I'm driving up to Voorhees to visit my friend, Pat Quinn, in the hospital. Then, Kim and Dawn Calendo and I (and maybe Shawn Borman) are going out to dinner at Korean Gardens in Marlton (we may be joined by R.J. Garvey if he wants to ride up with me). I'm mostly looking forward to the visit with my friends more than the food (but the food is very good there...I'm looking forward to doing another table barbecue tomorrow...and shopping at the little Asian supermarket in the same lot...I've got to get myself some Pocky and Hi-Chew (Japanese candies)).
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