Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Two more members of the kittie family...! Sunday, May 30th 2004

On Sunday, I was at work. Paul was asleep on the couch with his cold. When I got home, I saw them...

...Dusty had three little kitties in the box with her. One of the kitties, the ginger one, unfortunately, did not survive. However, the other two, one that is primarily gray and may be a boy with long hair (like Prince?) and one that has black and gray stripes (like Manny?) are both doing fine right now. I've not yet named them, but will have a name by the time I see that their eyes are open...

...this leaves the family as this: Pal, the GREAT-grandmother, Mommy-Kitty, her sister. Prince, the alpha-male and son of Pal. Tiny, Prince's sister from the same litter. Hermion e, the grandmother, sister to Prince and Tiny and mother to Oreo, Dusty and her newest kitten, Cupcake (born about six weeks ago). Dahlia, Hermione's sister, who Hermione helped Pal raise (in fact, Oreo is helping Hermione raise Cupcake and will probably help as wet nurse for Dusty's newest). and now Dusty's newest two.

We also will see: Shadow, possibly one of Pal's daughter's (if so, most likely a sister of Autumn who died last year soon after Hermione had her first litter) and her daughter Princess (who is very obviously Prince's daughter since she looks just like the feminine version of him), Butters, a ginger tom who is a cousin from next door and pretty much the beta-male and Prince's best friend (they were kittens at about the same time), Daddy Kitty, the big black tom from across the street (undoubtedly the father of Dahlia), Smoke, Moxie and Fruvous (all from Butters tribe next door), Minnie/Manny who is, we think, either Smoke or Moxie's child (though he/she looks most like Fruvous) and is helping to raise little Cupcake a bit (by playing with her and maybe teaching her to hunt). Rose, Dahlia's sister who hasn't been around lately, and Vinnie, Hermione's brother who only comes back to visit every so often (most notably last summer/fall just before a big hurricane and around the times of the bigger snowstorms this past winter!).
Tags: pets/pal_and_her_kitties

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