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I've pretty much just been working all week. I was off last Wednesday and went up to visit my Aunt Bette in Keyport. While I was up there (on my way to her house), I stopped into Red Bank and went to Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and picked up a few books that I'd needed (and was waited on by Walt Flanagan, who has pretty much always been there when I've gone...

...we went to Max's Hot Dogs for our annual beginning of summer trip...I'm sure that I'll be back there throughout the summer (the dogs are pricey, but worth it...don't forget an order of the onion rings or a corn on the cob!), since I'm planning on visiting Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook this summer (probably with Jarvis or R.J. (or both) in tow).

I went out to Bounce on both Wednesday AND Thursday. Thursday night, I had to go to the police station to sign a complaint against a man who may have shoplifted from our store (the circumstantial evidence pointed to the possibility).

Meanwhile, I worked the WHOLE weekend! Paul has also come down with something. We'd thought it was just a cold or maybe the flu. His nasal drip has exacerbated itself into TONSILITIS! Hopefully, the anti-biotics that the doctor prescribed (yesterday) will be enough to keep him out of the hospital!


Tuesday night was board game night...Kris, Becky and I (Paul stayed home to SLEEP) played the Game of Life (I lost, but don't feel bad, since that game is all about luck of the draw and not strategy or skill) and Sorry (I won, but barely).

I'm planning on going into Philadelphia tomorrow to go to Fat Jack's Comic Crypt on Sansom and then to Giovanni's Room (first some comics, then something gay-oriented). If my raise arrives tomorrow (this would be my ninth check since it was supposed to have started) along with my "retro" pay (the money that I'm owed of the difference between my current pay and my raise for those eight checks and hopefully not a ninth), I may go over to Borders as well, since there is a DVD I've really wanted.


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Jun. 4th, 2004 08:35 am (UTC)
do u ever feel as if you work too much? I mean, I feel like you are thriving with your job, and mucho congrats on ur climb there, but it all seems exhausting...does the mall ever bore you?
Jun. 4th, 2004 10:24 am (UTC)
Actually, I usually feel as if I don't work enough (I don't get forty hours a week...back at Taco Bell, I used to pull down overtime almost every week). I would also like to get benefits (though I'd never really make the minimum pay for a doctor's visit or whatever...I don't usually go to the doctor more than once a year and my prescription for my meds is only $10 anyway when I get generic, so I don't entirely see the point...unless I get an unforeseen hospital visit...I've never spent a night in the hospital, at least not as the patient, I've never had a broken bone and not counting some teeth (3 of my wisdom) I still have all of my original parts (including tonsils and appendix)).

That mall certainly bores me...especially in the gastronomic department...I'd so want to transfer to either Hamilton or eventually to Deptford (if we ever move there), since I'd have so many more lunch options. How many times can someone eat pizza or Chinese food or cookies or pretzels (saladworks is just TOO expensive and their salads are SO BIG that their not really healthy EITHER and Friendly's can't make a meal in time to finish in a half hour break (they don't even bring it out in a half hour)). No wonder I've porked up as much as I have in the past year or so (I'm at my heaviest weight EVER: 167).
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